Leaks and teasers: Nokia 9’s five cameras, Hydrogen One’s 4K module view, Moto G7’s confirmed design

Leaks and teasers: Nokia 9’s five cameras, Hydrogen One’s 4K module view, Moto G7’s confirmed design

Brands know how to kickstart the Android community this 2019 with their awesome leaks and teasers. We still don’t have the complete list of smartphone flagships that are coming our way this year, but we’ve got some idea on a few of them.

So far, here are some of the leaks from our favorite smartphone brands that should be enough to get us excited.

Nokia 9: Five rear cameras, PureView branding

The latest leak about the upcoming Nokia 9 gave a clearer picture of the device’s five cameras at the back and the return of PureView branding. PureView was one of Nokia’s highlight features way back it was still a Windows Phone.

Nokia 9 is also packed with a 5.99-inch QHD display with PureDisplay HDR10 teach, powered by the Snapdragon 845, 6GB of RAM, and 128GB of storage. The leaked video also suggests that it will have an in-display fingerprint feature and will run on either Android One or Pie.

The company has not unveiled the specs of the five cameras. What we know is it will make its debut before January ends. The actual release date is still unconfirmed, but it’s highly doubtful that HMD will launch the Nokia 9 at the CES 2019.

Hydrogen One: 4K view accessory module

RED’s overhyped Hydrogen One phone has been quite a disappointment for most users. However, the brand plans to compensate for the regret by releasing the phone’s first accessory module ever.

On a recent Facebook post, RED published a press release talking about the render of its upcoming Lithium 3D/4V beamsplitter rig. The Lthium is used for creating a VR content that shoots dual 4K video streams in RED’s Holographic 4-View format. One will be able to control the Lithium’s UI through Hydrogen One.

The company has not announced its price yet. We do hope that RED will make it cheap since they have a lot of disappointments to make up. As seen in the teaser video, the accessory module should provide a better gaming and movie experience.

Moto G7: Confirmed design

Moto finally released the design of the upcoming Moto G7 which everyone had been trying to predict for months.

Turns out, it’s not much different from old phones and the company is just toying with the consumers to maintain the hype. The leaked photos show a silver design with rounded edges. It will also have a waterdrop-style notch at the middle top of the display, dual rear cameras, a fingerprint sensor at the back embedded with the Motorola logo.

Motorola fans have been looking forward to the company that it will somehow change its design for the generation 7 flagship. Sadly, we will still be staring at the same Motorola look that has been for the last few years.

That’s the updates so far for brands that aren’t Samsung, or Sony, or LG, or Huawei, or Xiaomi, and so on. These brands are slowly making their way to the top. Who knows, we might finally witness the comeback of the Nokia brand with the upcoming Nokia 9.


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