The Samsung Galaxy S10 may arrive way sooner than expected (as early as January 2019)

The Samsung Galaxy S10 may arrive way sooner than expected (as early as January 2019)

The leaks are nonstop for the Samsung Galaxy S10 even though the S9 still seems so fresh. What made the S10 so special is that it’s an anniversary phone and Samsung previously they’ll pack it with the greatest features of all time.

Two flagships in a span of two months

The good news is the latest leaks revealed that we might be able to e tour hands on the Samsung Galaxy S10 sooner than we thought. In the past, Samsung usually releases the newest Galaxy series in the Mobile World Congress trade show held every late February in Barcelona. Then it could go on sale in March.

However, a Korean magazine reported that the company will be moving to a new location in 2019 as well as an earlier release date. Reports claim that the company will be using the Consumer Electronics Show held every early January 2019 in Las Vegas. If that’s the case, the Galaxy S10 will be available around the globe by late January or early February.

Samsung had to move up the release of the Galaxy flagship to compensate for the poor sales performance of the Galaxy S9. The early release of the S10 is because they have to give enough time space before releasing the highly-anticipated foldable phone which is expected to launch in March at the MWC 2019.

That may be a good strategy, but will people actually buy the S10 if they knew there’s a better flagship coming after two months? I wonder what Samsung was thinking, but they’re really desperate to reestablish their sales performance next year.

Samsung Galaxy S10 – What to expect

Leaked models confirm that the S10 will be available in three different models – Beyond 0, Beyond 1, and Beyond 2. Beyond 1 will be the ordinary version while the Beyond 2 is the “Plus” version of the device. What we do not know is the Beyond 0 since Samsung announced it’s a new entry-level device.

“Beyond” is just an internal codename but it will be released to the public as a Galaxy series. Samsung also leaked that the highest end model will have three rear cameras. It will also include a “futuristic” state-of-the-art in-display fingerprint sensor which the company highly boasts, sound emitting screen, faster 3D sensor, and an out-of-this-world processor.

The 3D mapping camera sensor is nothing like you’ve seen before. This will not only map your face into 3D and create an AR Emoji, but it can also scan the outside world and make a 3D version of it. How cool is that?

The iris scanner will be absent in the upcoming Galaxy S10 but it will be replaced with a much faster and more reliable in-display scanner which uses its own ultrasonic tech. Ultrasonic, as the name suggests, is faster and more efficient than today’s optical sensors which other companies use.

Some rumors also claim that the S10’s screen is not just for display or fingerprint scanning, it is also a built-in speaker. Thus, dubbed as the sound-emitting screen. The traditional speaker will be removed to improve the design. This feature is not new and can be closely compared to the Vivo Nex phone.

Rumors also claimed that it will have an out-of-this-world processor and probably a 5G variant.

Although some of these specs are just rumors, it won’t be long until Samsung announces its official features. Only three months to go until January and more reliable leaks will be available by December, that’s for sure.

I already feel sorry for the people who purchased the Samsung Galaxy S9.





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