Xiaomi and Samsung: Android reports from the biggest brands

Xiaomi and Samsung: Android reports from the biggest brands

The Huawei noise has finally toned down, even though the issue hasn’t officially closed yet. For the past weeks, Huawei users all over the world marched together to defend the brand, but it looks like Google is not backing down from its decision in banning the brand on Android.

While the Huawei news is still the star of the month, here are other news from other big Android brands you should also know.

Xiaomi to end global MIUI beta testing for all devices

On its Mi Community forums, Xiaomi announced earlier today it will end its global MIUI beta program for all devices starting July 1.

According to the brand, it wants to focus on a more stable experience for its software. Since Xiaomi phones are now growing as a brand in markets like Europe and India, it wants to limit its beta testing and update devices under Mi and Redmi branding more frequently. Xiaomi provided additional context by explaining the two versions of the global MIUI ROM: stable and beta. Even though the stable version provides a more consistent experience, the company found an increasing number of people using the beta version on a day-to-day basis.

Xiaomi was surprised at the number of people using the beta version. Even though that opens an opportunity for Xiaomi to hear from users and fix any issues, only a small number of people provided feedback.

The last thing the company probably wants is for people to associate the beta with a buggy and unfinished software. Xiaomi will continue to seek feedback from MIUI users and provide kernel sources for its devices. However, the company didn’t say what would happen to the closed beta or if it plans to eventually restart the global MIUI beta program.

Samsung on Galaxy Fold: “Nothing has progressed”

According to an unnamed Samsung official interviewed by The Korea Herald, there haven’t been any formal preparations for the relaunch of the Samsung Galaxy Fold since April, when the company announced the delay of the foldable phone’s launch.

“If we are running such a media event this month, we should be doing something by now. Nothing has progressed since the April delay.”

The unnamed official is likely referring to the planning of a launch event for the device. These events usually take weeks or months to plan and organize. If Samsung isn’t already working towards a launch event, it’s very unlikely there will be such an event in June or even July.

If Samsung doesn’t launch the device before July, then it will be faced with three choices:

  • Launch the Galaxy Fold alongside the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.
  • Postpone the Galaxy Fold launch until after the Note 10 launch.
  • Sneak in a launch before the Note 10 event.

Or the fourth option: Samsung could elect to not have a launch event at all. Meaning it could simply send out a press release and very quietly relaunch the Samsung Galaxy Fold. If that is the case, that would explain why there are allegedly no plans moving forward for a launch.


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