Android 5.0 Roll-Out Schedule Gets Unveiled

Android 5.0 Roll-Out Schedule Gets Unveiled

After the official unveiling of the Android L OS in the month of June, speculations about its launch, its name and the schedule of updates to the various phones started getting hotter and hotter as every month passed by. Those who had an opportunity to preview the OS thought it to be the biggest update ever from Google.

Now that the Android Lollipop, as it has been named has finally been launched, existing users of various phones are wondering when they would be getting the update to this wonderful OS.a

Unlike the iPhone, Android gadgets are not provided with major updates regularly. There are so many brands that the roll out of updates has been staggered with some of the brands and flagship phones getting the updates much ahead of the others. This in the past has led to severe fragmentation of the Android OS and you have the strange scenario of some phones still running on ICS and Gingerbread OS.

Google has been trying to bring about uniformity and consistency of services through regular upgrades and has also launched the Android One to reduce fragmentation. Its launch of the Android Lollipop is another attempt to ensure users are able to enjoy pure Android experience without any dilution.

As far as the brands that are sure to get the Android L update the first, the following details have emerged:


The Android L has been launched on Nexus 6 phones and very soon the Nexus 4 and 5 will get the update as well. That is expected to be completed by the first week of November.



The flagship brand One M8 along with the One M7 will get the update within 90 days of the release of Android L.



The company has made it clear that its first as well as second gen Moto X and G will get the update. The other models like the Moto G LTE, Droid Ultra, Moto E, Droid Maxx and the Droid Mini too will get the update, though no time has been mentioned. But Motorola has been known to implement the update quickly.



There has been no official announcement from this company for any of its smart phone models getting the update. Rumors suggest that the Galaxy S5 will be the first to get it in December and the Galaxy Note 4 too might get it. In the absence of any notification from Samsung, it is difficult to hazard a guess but most probably the Galaxy S4 and Note 4 too will get the update.



This is another company that has not revealed any plans of the update as yet. But analysts believe the LG G3 would be the first to get the update by December this year and its other model the G2 would be updated by early 2015.

Once the updates are done and users actually start using the Android L, more reviews based on real time user experiences will emerge. That alone will tell us if the update and all the hype surrounding it have been worthwhile or not.

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