Android Oreo “Autofill”;

Android Oreo “Autofill”;

For most individuals, when we try to search something online we tend to rely on the suggestions that are being presented by a browser that we use. Most especially by Google search. Google search makes it easier for us to look for the correct article that we are searching for. This feature of Google is very helpful to students and especially to the people who are new to using computers. Although other browsers are already upgrading to the same capability, Google has always been on top of every article available to everyone. If you have observed, I am trying to explain the small part of having this autofill feature that Google developed for their customers. And now we can enjoy the benefits that it brings through our android phones. When we try to search for something using Google chrome in our android phones, the autofill feature is available only inside the URL box and the Search bar. Now, with the permission inside your settings menu, we can set our android phone to have this feature activated and help the users to search faster and look for the correct file inside the phone storage.

As time goes along, the percentage of kids that are exposed to smart devices are getting higher. This means that, as developers are making the operating system of android phones better, the more it is effective in terms of being user-friendly. Autofill makes things easier for kids to identify what and where they need to tap the confirm button. This means that kids are being taught on identifying whether it is time to confirm and when not to confirm. This interaction with the users on their devices is very educational, especially with the kids because it is very essential to learning in terms of decision making. Why? It is because the kid’s attention is easily captured by the smart devices like android operated device. Hence, their focus is fully concentrated on the things that are going on with the thing that they are focusing on. To think that Android devices have made its operating system very user-friendly, the kids can explore with better assistance on the device they are navigating.

Autofill also help adults who are not familiar with the new and fast-growing technology of the Android operating system in keeping up with the millennials. Communication technology is blazingly fast growing. Thus, even adults who were not oriented thoroughly with the kind of technology that we have today tend to have a much better and friendly way of understanding. Unlike with the kids, adults have a slower pace of understanding things, especially with the things that they were not oriented and familiarized with during their early years. That is why the old mobile phones are still in use until now. However, Google is doing their very best to connect this gap. With the upgrades that Android operating system is giving us makes a difference every time. One of this upgrade is the Autofill feature of new Oreo for Androids.

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