Android Q: The features we know so far

Android Q: The features we know so far

Some of us are still waiting for that Android Pie update to arrive on our respective phones but Google is not very good at waiting. While Pie is still in the works, Android Q is also being developed on the sides and they’ve already leaked some information to the press on what to expect next.

Here are the features Google will be bringing on the table for Android Q that we know so far:

Proper Dark Mode. While Betty Cooper is still discovering her inner darkness, Android already found his. XDA-Developers scooped a piece of big information from Android highlighting a system-wide dark mode to the operating system of Android Q. The said feature applies to all from the launcher, notification shade, settings menu, and to other UI elements. It is even expected to force dark mode on unsupported apps.

Permissions control upgrade. Google promised last year that they will improve security regarding apps asking for permissions. This upcoming Android version is believed that it can only use certain permission only when it’s active. Meaning, Facebook cannot auto detect your location unless you open it. This is favorable to all private person and can even extend battery life.

There will be a new status bar icon that will display if an app is using the camera, microphone, or location even when not in use.

Desktop Mode. Google has observed that users still prefer a bigger display over small. So, a desktop mode will be coming up for the next version of Android. When connecting your phone to a larger display, the UI changes to something resembling a desktop computer complete with all stuff such as a home screen, start menu, resizable app window, mouse and keyboard.

Better Smart Lock. Smart Lock has been pretty convenient in keeping our phones secure from investigative eyes. For Android Q, the Smart Lock reportedly has two additional security options to choose from. One, it lets you use Smart Lock to extend the unlock period of your device, but it won’t unlock your device once it’s locked. Two, the phone automatically locks when the trusted companion device, such as the fitness band, is no longer trusted.

Facial Recognition. In addition to the upgraded Smart Lock, the facial recognition feature is finally coming to Android out-of-the-box. This is the first time Android embraced the tech and it can do wonders like unlocking your phone, buy items online, and log in to apps.

Native Screen Recording. Finally, we no longer have to download third-party apps to record our screens. Android Q will have one in its arsenal and it is even presumed to record a voice-over to go with your clip. This is perfect for doing online tutorial videos or teaching your mom, who is a hundred miles away, on how to use Facebook.

RCS for third-party apps (unconfirmed). The Rich Communication Service (RCS) is quite a mess right now, and Google is reportedly working on how to improve this feature. This protocol is meant to serve as a successor to SMS technology and still in its early days. With Android’s help, this might eventually work.

This is still unconfirmed news. However, Android Police is convinced that it has spotted RCS-related APIs in Android Q.

What more features are you hoping to see in the upcoming Android Q? Share your bright ideas and Google might just consider it, while possible.

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