App Marketers Gear Up For Android M

App Marketers Gear Up For Android M

Even as excitement mounts among developers awaiting the release of Android M, they are also apprehensive about the new data sharing process Google wants to implement. As of now, app developers are able to get many details about each user who downloads their particular app. Moving forward, though, this will become selective, and users will not be required to share what they have been sharing up until this point.


This change will be welcomed by users because they will now be able to screen and refuse apps that ask for more data than they are comfortable sharing. Therefore, app developers will have to retune their strategy and make do with less in order to avoid user rejections.

They can start by revisiting the permission list of requests for their individual apps and whittling them down to the minimum. There have been many instances of apps seeking unnecessary permissions and not delivering the service expected by the users. It will now be necessary for developer to make sure their apps do not boast of fake functionalities.

Users can thus look forward to more honesty from app developers going forward.


Due to insufficient information, users have been duped by apps in the past that have turned very intrusive. Now the process has to shift to educating the user a lot about the app and how it can be of benefit through onboard screens. The introduction of the app has to be less pushy and more informative, thereby leaving it to the user to make the final choice.

Then there is the issue of timing. The request has to be timed right, and that can be done only after a fair study of the user actions. If developers can do this, they will find users much more willing to use their app as it is contextual to the action they wanted to perform. For example, a camera app developer can request permission for their app after a particular user has tried to use his phone camera for something specific and could not do so.


Once Android M comes into play, it will be similar to that of iOS. It’s recommended that app developers study how their apps work on iOS to become better prepared for Android M. In fact, developers catering or creating apps for both iOS and Android need to learn more about the two systems since a number of “moves” are being made by both companies that imitate each other.

The new sharing of data system will provide opportunities to developers to get to know their users better. They would have to exhibit they are paying attention to user needs and not just thrusting apps at them for the sake of it.

Android M is a wakeup call for developers, and those who can adjust to this change will find the rewards very satisfying because users will certainly spread the good word to others.

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