Top 5 Features That Will Get You Excited for Android N

As the latest version of Android, Android N, continues to be tested by our team here at One Click Root, we’ve uncovered all sorts of cool features.

Yes, the operating system is still nameless. Yes, it’s not full-featured yet. However, there are still reasons to get excited for Android N – something you should see on your smartphone later this year.

5) Two Apps on One Screen Isn’t Just for Samsung Users Anymore

Samsung users have had multi-app functionality for years. The wider Android community, however, hasn’t yet had the pleasure of using multiple apps from one window.

That’s why we like this feature on Android N. Google has spent a lot of time polishing its multi-app support (it was originally going to debut on Marshmallow but was pushed back to N).

It’s easy to activate: from the Recent Apps screen, you just press and hold one app, then drag it to the top of the screen, then open another app the same way and drag it to the bottom of the screen. That’s it!

This is a big productivity booster on those with larger Android screens, but even those with smaller, high-resolution screens can still enjoy things like changing your song while messaging friends without switching windows.

4) Direct Reply from Within Notifications

Directly replying to users has been available through third-party messenger apps, but it’s never been a native Android feature. Android N changes that, letting you respond to messages directly from your notification shade. There’s no need to exit out of your current app: it happens in seconds from the pop-up window.

Better yet, this works with any messaging app that uses the Google API. Some apps also let you snooze a message, letting you ignore it for 10 minutes, or file the notification for later.

3) View Setting Information from Within the Notification Shade

The notification shade has become smarter and more functional. Now, you can short-tap on icons within the notification shade to get more information about, say, your Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. You can also long-press to be taken directly to the Settings panel for that setting (again, this is something that certain Android users have had for a while).

Google has also cleaned up the settings panel so it’s not as cramped. Plus, settings you use more frequently will automatically rise to the top (or you can customize them yourself).

2) Sleek, Minimalistic Settings Menu

The settings menu now gives you a lot of valuable information at a single glance. You don’t need to go into each individual setting to learn, say, how many hours of battery you have left or how much storage space you have.

Basically, the most important “stat” about each setting is featured right below the setting itself in the Android N menu.

1) Double Tap the Recent Apps Button to Go Back to your Previous App

One of the simplest but most appreciated changes in Android N is the ability to double tap the recent apps button to go back to your previous app.

So if you were messaging a friend and then had to check your email for information about when your plane lands, then you can switch from your email app to your messenger with just a double tap of the recent apps button. It’s ridiculously easy and a huge time saver.

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