13 Simple Android L Tips & Tricks to Make Your Device Shine

13 Simple Android L Tips & Tricks to Make Your Device Shine

The Android L is an exciting OS to look forward to. If you have been reading a lot about it and wondering what to make of it, the following tips would be of great help. So here goes:

a) You will be able to enjoy the Flappy Bird game by just getting into the Android version from Settings. Once there, just press on the Lollipop text and hold to activate the game.

b) You do not have to use the power button to wake up your phone. Just tapping the display will do.

c) You would be able to find what you are looking for by going to the Settings menu and tapping the magnifying glass.

d) Get rid of apps you do not enjoy by going to the Play Store>Settings and unchecking the relevant boxes.

e) Add other email accounts to your Gmail by just tapping the icon to open sidebar and then scrolling to the bottom to hit Settings>Add account. You can add IMAP/POP3 services as well as Exchange.

f) Manage your data consumption by heading to Google Settings app>Drive-enabled apps to turn on the Wi-Fi. You can also meter your Wi-Fi by getting into Data usage from Settings and selecting Network restrictions, which will eliminate background data from getting loaded and also prompt you before any large file is downloaded.

g) Customize Google Now by tapping the settings icon on the search bar.

h) Turn off the seasonal backdrop of your calendar by tapping the slider from Settings.

i)Enjoy wholesome surround sound by activating the 5.1 surround sound through Settings>Enable Surround Sound. Movies and music will sound much better.

j) See lock screen notifications by just tapping it twice and if you do not want it, just swipe and it will be gone.

k) Expand notifications by just pinching them on the lock screen and within the notifications.

l) Have your notifications on the lock screen without revealing much about them by going to Settings>Sound & Notification>App notifications.

m) Prioritize apps by Settings>Sound & Notification>App Notifications so that you only get them from the apps you have specified. You can also block notifications in this manner. You can have notifications on silent mode or even on suspend mode so that you are not disturbed.

Bonus Battery Tips

a) Check out the battery percentage by opening Quick Settings through the two-finger swipe.

b) Know the charge time once charger is connected and also know which of the apps are eating into the battery life. Get to know how much life is left for you to switch off apps you would not be using to extend life.

c) Use the power saver mode by tapping the menu button on the battery status display page. You can set to 15% or 5% and the system bars will turn orange to indicate the same.

There are other security related lock settings as well. This will help you lock the device instantly. You can also have a face recognition unlocking process set up and this will be in addition to any pattern or passcode you may have already set up.

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