5 Things You Can Still Do Only On Android

5 Things You Can Still Do Only On Android

The launch of the iPhones with its extensions and compatibility with third party keyboards has certainly pleased die hard Apple fans and have even encouraged some of the Android loyalists to consider buying one. However, with the introduction of the Android L and its Material Design, Google is playing catch up. Moreover, the open ecosystem of the Android has always provided more options for the user and here’s looking at 5 of them that give Android the edge over the iOS.

a) Home screen customization

The easy manner in which you can customize your Android home screen, such as installing a laucher like the Nova Launcher is a big plus in Android. It is possible to customize major elements of the screen like the grid size, placement of icons, and addition of widgets and so on.

b) Automation

The iPhone enables you to install the IFTTT which will automate functions of the phone. It is a neat feature but is still limited in its scope. In Android, you have apps like the Tasker and the Llama which are pretty powerful and easy to use. While the former is a paid one, the latter is still free and many users are taking advantage of being able to set up say a geo-fence that will automatically tune into the Wi-Fi when you are in such a zone near office or home but will set it off at other times in order to conserve battery power. You can enable and disable password and it will even go silent when you are in a meeting or cinema hall.


c) Making Calls

Amidst all the features being provided by modern smart phones, many of us tend to forget that its basic purpose is to allow the user to make calls. When you wish to do so from an iPhone, you need to search contacts or dial a particular number using your own memory. In Android however, you have useful apps like the Dialer+ that helps you add the necessary functionality using the same keypad to enter a number or a contact name. You are then easily prompted with matches making it convenient to dial.


d) Smarter Messaging

It is possible to customize the SMS service along with the calls through appropriate Android apps. Hello SMS for instance has the automatic night display feature where the screen becomes white against the black background, rendering visibility. You can tab quickly to see the messages sent by different people and can automatically switch over to instant messaging if you desire, provided the recipient also uses Hello SMS. The apps available also integrate with popular social media platforms so that you can see updates at one place.


e) Downloading Of Torrents

Yet another feature on Android phones is the convenience of being able to download legal torrents. This is not possible from an iPhone and you may have to use an indirect methodology like a webapp or the Dropbox to be able to trigger the software. The Android phone however enables you to directly download on to the phone.

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