6 Hidden Android Features for Business Purposes

6 Hidden Android Features for Business Purposes

The unprecedented success of the smart phone owes a lot to the business tools and apps facilitated by operating systems like the Android. People are thrilled to carry out normal business activities on the go and are no longer constrained by location or space. Android has been the engine behind the tremendous popularity of smart phones through its apps. But there are also other business tools within Android that you must know as under:

1) Printing

With the advent of the 4.4 version of Android, printing of documents has become a seamless and wireless task. You no longer need to email the documents to yourself, open your email on your desktop and print those documents. Just select the Printing option from the Settings panel and ensure Cloud Print is on. Load Google Drive or OneDrive or any other cloud storage resource where your documents are located and press long on the document file name, while selecting Print. This action will execute the printing on the wirelessly enabled printer nearby.

2) Retrieving information from a lost phone

This is something that is a nightmare for all of us. We hate to think of losing our phone and wondering how to get back valuable information stored in it. Well, now you have an easier option. Just fill in your details by going to Settings>Security>Screen Security>Owner Information. The information filled by you will appear on the lockscreen and should you lose your phone, anybody finding it would know whom to return that phone to.

3) Data Usage

This is another activity that many of us find boring and irritating. The frustration of having exceeded the limits and paying overage fees is not a new feeling for users who are unable to monitor data usage. Android now provides you with the tool to not only keep a tab on the usage but also to set warning levels and alert you about it. Isn’t that lovely?

4) Usage of offline maps

Google Maps is great when you are online in an area with great signal strength and your phone battery is also at its maximum. However, when you are in a location with poor signal quality, you will not be able to look at Google Maps and that is why the ability to save maps into the internal memory is of such great use. Now you can access the maps in a power efficient manner.

5) Adding to dictionary

You can save the tough and long terms linked to your line of business onto the built in dictionary. You just have to type them once and Save to Dictionary. The next time, the moment you start typing the first few alphabets, you will get suggestions from the phone enabling you to select the one you want and saving you the time and energy of not having to type them.

6) Special characters

There is a shortcut that would enable you to send out emails, text and messages from your gadget. Frequently used letters and numbers and special characters can be sent faster by pressing the period key for a longer time and then dragging the finger to the character you wish to type.

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