Rooting – The Benefits and the Downsides

Rooting – The Benefits and the Downsides



While there are both kinds of people in tho world – the ones who root their android advices and the ones who don’t – not all of us know why exactly we do it or why we don’t do it. Yes, its true, don’t be embarrassed, some of us rot our devices because everyone else around us is doing it and some of us don’t do it because we wind it too intimidating and are unaware of what it actually is, so instead of finding out about it, we simply decide not to do it. So instead of blinding deciding whether or not to do it, here are the pros and cons of rooting. But first, lets understand what rooting is:

Rooting is nothing but gaining root access to your devices, it is getting omelette control over them by bypassing even the pre-installed settings. Every device has some or the other hardware and software restrictions and rooting overcomes that. This is also know as Super User Access.

Now that you know what rooting is, lets get on with the pros and cons of rooting.


  1. After rooting your device, you do not need to wait for updates to come on your device, you can just update it to the latest version as soon as it comes out. While working on a rooted device might be a bit tough initially, all you need is practice because practice makes a (wo)man perfect.
  2. The process and speed, basically the overall performance of your device will greatly enhance, thanks to the read only memory, better know as ROM.This is probably the best thing about rooting your device. If you think it is fast now, you will thing that it has begun to function at a warp speed post rooting.
  3. While unrooted phones do not have the option of backing up the apps or games on the phone, rooting will allow you to do so, in case you want or need to.
  4. If you are heavily into themes, rooting your device will open a lot of new themes for your device because there are many amazing themes only supported by rooted android devices.
  5. Rooting helps you increase the base band of your device, allows you to remove the default apps that you don’t want and does many other things that an unrooted android device does not. It gives you the power of complete customization.


  1. The security of your device weakens so you need to be super extra careful about what app you are installing because it just might be a hoax and might fill your device with virus. While Google Play is a comparatively trusted source, you will still need to be careful. The best way to make sure whether it is safe to download a particular app or not is by reading its reviews and avoiding downloading apps from unknown sources.
  2. You will lose the company warranty of your device if you decide to root it.

These are the pros and cons of rooting your devices. If you think that the cons are nothing compared to the pros of rooting, then go ahead and root your devices but if the cons weigh much heavier in your mental weighing scale then you can always use your device the way it is!

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