Rooting – Let’s Clear the Confusion

Rooting – Let’s Clear the Confusion

While rooting has become a fairly common term these days, however, there are still a lot of people who have only an idea about it. There are a few of us who still don’t exactly know what it is and often get confused while reading or conversing about rooting.

You might be someone who openly admits it or someone who just pretends to follow a conversation while looking for the first instance to Google the weird things mentioned in the conversation secretly. Whatever your type is, the problem is the same and the solution is common.

The solution is this article which is going to answer the frequently asked/thought questions and clear the confusion. So let’s get started!

  • Don’t get confused between flashing a ROM, unlocking and rooting because although they are pretty similar, they are not the same. These terms are the process of rooting which begins with the unlocking of the boot loader after which you are allowed to flash ROM and this process, the process of getting root access to your device, is called rooting.
  • Yes, you may unroot your device if yo have rooted it. It is not a point of no return, you will not be stuck in limbo. You may find the instructions online but it usually requires flashing an RUU or some such thing. Let’s celebrate!
  • No, it is not illegal…..anymore. It was illegal once but thanks to the DCMA, it has become legal.
  • Being able to get the best of both worlds mostly seems too good to be true. That is because it is  too good to be true and this does not change even in the case of rooting. You will definitely lose your phone warranty if you decide to root it. So know exactly what you want before taking any step because you should never have regrets.
  • The possibility of rooting leading to the bricking of a phone is low, however, it is a possibility none the less. Be sure to follow all instructions very carefully and you should be fine. Also, don’t panic because the phone getting stuck in a boot loop and the phone getting bricked are two very different scenarios. The former, also the more common one, can be helped so you may relax.
  • Phones might be temporarily unrootable but no phone is permanently unrootable because just like new phones are made, so are new root exploits for those phones. Therefore, your phone might not have its root exploit yet, if it is new in the market. All you need to do is wait it out because its root exploit will be out sooner or later and my guess is that it will be out sooner than later.
  • Yes, rooting does enhance the performance of a phone, meaning that it will help the phone to perform at its full potential. This does not mean that it will make a rabbit out of a turtle, in the sense that if you have an old phone, rooting is not going to help it perform like the latest phones in the market.

So these were a few things that often get raided when one talks and thinks about rooting. I hope that the above points were able to clear some of the doubts you might have had so that you can make a better decision!

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