Titanium Tweaker – Because Faster is Always Better

Titanium Tweaker – Because Faster is Always Better

We live in a fast paced world where our preferred way to be is quick. We need everything to be quick, the transportation, the internet and everything else. We are even increasingly becoming dependant on fast food. More than our personal choice, the demand to be fast in life in general is more social. We might want to sit back and relax, but if we do, the world we live in will not be kind to us. We will be left lagging behind and everyone will take over. And if one gets too comfortable, catching up will be quite a big task.

In such a situation, it is always good to be two steps ahead than being two steps behind. When everyone is quick, we must be quicker. And since the pace of our lives is supported by our gadgets in a big way, one of the ways of tweaking our lives into becoming faster than it already is by tweaking our gadgets o perform much faster than they already do. And since the CPU is the heart of our beloved rooted android devices, we need Titanium Tweaker to tweak the heart a little.

Titanium Tweaker 2

Titanium Tweaker is a CPU optimizing application which helps you boost up your Phone’s CPU and make it faster. The application tweaks the kernel, as the name suggest, such as to change the Scaling Frequency, Governors and Schedulers. Also this app is universal so will work on all ROMs and Phones which support the features.

It even has an updated turbo charger, through which you can boost your phone with PreSet TurboCharge’d LMK profiles. The options available to you are Set On Boot Option,Hardware Acc, and a faster app.

The current features in Titanium Tweaker include:

– Cpu Frequency Optimization
– Governor Selection
– Choice of Available Scheulers
– TurboCharger Profiles
– LMK settings

Some of Titanium Tweaker’s old features include Prop Editor, Turbo Charger, Customized toggles.

The application works right from Froyo up to JellyBean.

The greatest health is wealth and the epitome of our health is our heart. To function and cope with the world, we first need to make sure that we are doing fine, especially our hearts. If our heart is not working fine, we will not be able to work well. So just like it is important to take good care of our heart, it is equally important to take care of the things that aid our everyday living. And since the CPU is almost as important as our heart in today’s time, getting the optimum use out of it is what will help us remaining ahead.

This is because our phone has a lot to do with how quick we are. And the internet era has only added to that because it is impossible to survive without internet and almost impossible to have a smooth sail with a low one. Titanium Tweaker will make sure that our rooted android is healthy and working well all the time!

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