Choose This Not That – Taking Up Arms Against Breast Cancer

Choose This Not That – Taking Up Arms Against Breast Cancer

While breast cancer, or in fact, any kind of cancer, was a disease that rendered one helpless earlier, it has become much more common now. Maybe it was common then as well but just lacked detection or maybe our increasingly unhealthy lifestyle has made us more prone to breast cancer. But as the times have changed and technology has developed, cancer is far less fatal as it used to be. If detected at the right time, it can be cured. But this detection is preceded by our awareness of our bodies which needs constant check-ups at regular intervals. And talking about technology, not only can it help detect breast cancer and every other cancer, it can also help us fight it, in the unfortunate incident of us acquiring it.

While there are apps to help in the battling all kinds of cancer, today I will tell you about an app that specifically helps in battling breast cancer called Choose This Not That for Breast Cancer.  Inside this colorful app, you will find easy to follow suggestions on how to improve your health through nutrition and the food choices you make every day. This app represents the most comprehensive and actionable nutrition guidelines for how to reduce your risk, prevent and combat Breast Cancer. If you rather tackle health issues and risks through proper nutrition and lifestyle changes as opposed to prescription drugs and other typical medical treatments, then this app is for you.

This app offers detailed personalized nutrition guidelines as well as two powerful, unique and interactive features: “Is this food good for me?” and “Suggest”, and guidelines on alkaline diet, detoxification, alternative therapies & herbal medicines. Through colorful images you can view suitability of various foods for Breast Cancer, or you can request suggestions for the best food items for you within a food group.


Unfortunately, health issues often come our way in groups of two or more. If we are obese or under stress, then chances are we are also at risk with a number of other health issues such as cancer, high blood pressure, or Vitamin D deficiency. If we have Vitamin D deficiency then chances are we either suffer from or have higher risk of getting Osteoporosis, Crohn’s disease or kidney problems. Each health issue often results in other health complications, thus the need for looking at a combination of health concerns and risks when formulating our nutrition plans and lifestyle changes. It is for that reason, that we have included separate guidelines for those who might suffer from any of the following common conditions in addition to breast cancer: depression, gout, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, stress and Vitamin D deficiency. Some of these conditions such as obesity and stress are considered risk factors for getting cancer, and some of these conditions you might experience as a result of getting cancer.

Choose This Not That gives specific guidance by telling you exactly which fish, fruit, vegetable, nut … is the best for you as well as listing the worst items. We give you an ordered list of food items within each food group, not just a food group. All the material and suggestions presented in this app are based on the content licensed from Personal Remedies, LLC. The primary sources used by Personal Remedies are US government sources such as USDA (US Department of Agriculture) and NIH (National Institute of Health).

Therefore, Choose This Not That for Breast Cancer proves to be a great help when you are in doubt regarding your diet while battling cancer. Not only will it tell you what food items to eat, it will inform you about what vitamin and mineral you need more of and what all you need to cut down. With this app, you can keep a complete track of you food intake during till the time you get cured and even post breast cancer.

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