Cut Your Android Communication Costs Down with Vonage

Cut Your Android Communication Costs Down with Vonage

If you’re looking for a specially crafted app to meet your communication needs and keep your phone bill costs to a bare minimum, your search ends here. Enter Vonage – an Android app that puts you at a proverbial vantage point for overseeing and managing all your daily communications on one cool platform. Mind you it’s not just a hyped rip-off of other apps in this genre; it’s redesigned and optimized to consist of everything that you want in your communication needs via your smartphone.

Let’s face it, communication today has gone global and your network provider services find it difficult to match up to the level of professionalism, ease in connectivity and user friendliness offered by custom-made apps available these days. These apps are giving you exactly what calling card and telephone service providers provide to you and a whole lot more absolutely free of cost.

With the likes of Google Hangout, Sky calling and Facebook chat and many other apps and programmes on the internet that facilitate effective communication, you might be wondering where does Vonage stand apart from the rest of the pack and offer you enough of an incentive to jump ship? Well, you are about to find out.

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The Vonage Android app is perfect for keeping in touch easily, especially for people in long distance relationships, or an overseas client, or even family and friends vacationing abroad.

The Vonage app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store for free.  Once you launch the app, you can see the home screen appearing where you will be requested to make an official account. Add in your telephone number with the STD code and other details and you’re set to experience a whole another dimension of communication experience all together.

Once you have created your unique Vonage account, you have the option to add all your existing phone contacts. Adding is very easy as once you grant permission to the app it will access your phone book and contacts and you can send mass invites to many people at once. This is different from the Skype systems where the contact’s Skype ID is to be found and a request is to be sent subsequently.

Once you add an individual contact, he appears in your Vonage app lists and you can communicate with them as and when you desire. This can be over a chat through Vonage’s messaging system or it could be extended to a voice call as well.

vontage contactsAll of this is absolutely for free and it uses your Wi-Fi or 3G data and that’s about it.

The extended feature of video calling through Vonage is available for Android version of 4.0, 4.1 and 4.2.

Needless to say, that person you are calling must have Vonage too to activate and fruitfully use the free calling service. The very same applies for video calling too.

But what when the opposite individual has no Vonage access? It’s easy, all you have to do is update your credit limit and calls can easily be made.

A good point to note is that the cost for calling is 30% lesser than that on Skype and the overall cost effectiveness of Vonage thus is much better.

Further you aren’t required to go to the website to top up your credit limit unlike other communication systems. You can directly increase your limit for the app.

For further information on Vonage, the website has a lot to offer in terms of insights and FAQ’s and an all you need to know about the app.

The developer and creator of Vonage, Jeff Pulver, pioneer of the VoIP industry states that he is in process of creating an app called Zula on the lines of Whats app that is only for businesses. So that’s two apps to look forward to reinvent your communication methods and cut costs down.

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