DataSync – Seamless Integration of All Your Personal Devices

DataSync – Seamless Integration of All Your Personal Devices

When the phone was invented, everyone was in awe of it and could not believe that one can talk to another person without physically being present and when the personal computer was invented, everyone was in awe of a plethora of things that it could perform and the digital screen was a delight to watch. No one, however, at the time ever even imagined that one day the personal computer and the phone would cross paths.

This is more so because of the world wide web or the internet. And now there are many devices, the personal computer increasing becoming the minority. What has started ruling the market are phones and tablets as well as laptops. Even the ‘phablets’ are increasingly getting popular.

Why I mentioned so many of these devices is to make one point – almost all of us own more than one of these devices. Some of us even own all of the above mentioned devices, and more. And not at a familial level, we own them at a personal level. We have our smartphones for when we are on the go, laptops for office work and tablets when we are lounging around at home.

There are so many things that we store on these gadgets that sometimes we forget what all we have stored where. It could happen that we need something on a particular device but its not there because it is on the other one. Therefore, the integration of all of our personal devices would be convenient.

Data Sync 2

So lets cue in DataSync, the app that helps in the integration of our various personal devices, if we have rooted all of our android devices. It lets you share application data with other Android devices, so if you have some data and want to keep it synced up between multiple devices, DataSync is the app for you.

It primarily works via your local WiFi network, but lets you sync to the clouds as well to sync your apps when your own network is out of range. DataSync+ even lets you sync using Bluetooth and NFC to further decrease the gap between your devices. By syncing individual files instead of entire backups. It makes syncing faster and more efficient than ever before.

It includes the following features:

• Fast and efficient two-way syncing
• Automatic device discovery
• Cloud integration (Drive, Dropbox, Box and FTP(S/ES))
• Clean, holo-themed UI for all screen sizes
• Background syncing support, with expandable notifications on 4.1+ devices

The additional features supported by DataSync+ are:

• Real-time syncing (sync apps as you open/close them)
• Scheduled syncs
• Bluetooth and NFC support

So now when you are in the middle of playing that awesome game on your laptop and your mother insists that you come along with her to visit your aunt, all you need to do is use DataSync to continue that game on your smartphone. Not only will you continue making the high score, you will also not get bored while you are sitting there and your mother and aunt are discussing about the relatives you didn’t even know exist!

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