Device Info Live Wallpaper – Go Beyond Aesthetic Appeal

Device Info Live Wallpaper – Go Beyond Aesthetic Appeal

Whether or not you have rooted your Android device, you must have been often advised against putting up live wallpapers. This is because live wallpapers stop our devices form running optimally. While it may be enjoyable, it greatly reduces the speed of the Android device over time as it consists of files that keep running in even when the Android device is not in use. Thus, live wallpaper apps not only eat up your precious battery, they even slow down the overall functioning of the phone. And all this for what? A wallpaper that we usually lose interest in in some time. It is not even exciting anymore but it stays, and we get used to it without realising the we are paying the price in terms of the speed of our smartphones.

However, if you have to have a live wallpaper on your android device, it might as well be something that gives you more than just aesthetic value. It has to be something that is helpful. Cue Device Info Live Wallpaper – the live wall paper that is actually worth it! Device Info Live Wallpaper will indicate various device information of your phone in a cool way, snappily!

Device Info Live Wallpaper 2

Below is the information which will be shown.

-Date/Time(Digital clock)
-CPU Usage(with history)
-Battery remain/temperature/voltage
-RAM Usage
-Internal Memory Usage
-External Memory Usage(SD-Card)
-Network connection state
-Wifi setting information
-CPU spec
-Device basic information
-Platform information

This LWP was also designed with consideration for the low-power consumption. If you are wondering how to go about using this app, here is how:

Go to menu(home) -> wallpaper -> live wallpaper -> Device Info to view this wallpaper.

Device Info Ex Version can be customized further as shown below:

-Background Color(Blue/Red/Green/Pink/Orange/Monochrome/Sepia)
-Brightness of background
-Text color
-Animation speed(Smooth/Standard/Battery efficient)
-12 hour display(Clock)
-Show the second or not(Clock)
-Reverse day and month(Clock)
-Be able to choose the information to be displayed
-Scroll left and right for providing blank pages for your widgets
-Be able to move each information stat frame.
-Fix a layout(Lock the position) or not
-Be able to select ‘Celsius’ or ‘Fahrenheit’ for battery temperature.
-Refresh Interval(CPU/Battery/Memory&Storage)

Our smartphones and other android devices are the most precious items in today’s time. This is because they are huge contributors to making sure that our lives are run smoothly. Unfortunately, they are not bottomless pits and even their resources can exhaust. So there is no point of downloading unnecessary items that might hamper their smooth functioning because their speed is directly proportional to the speedy running of our routine.

To make the most of them, we need to start respecting them and their limits. Therefore, it is best to download apps that solve more than one purpose. Device Info Live Wallpaper will not just manage to fulfil your wish of having a live wallpaper, it will also keep giving you necessary updated in a stylish fashion. This app is definitely a win-win!


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