DIY Fix to a Water Damaged Phone

DIY Fix to a Water Damaged Phone

Unless your phone has superb waterproof features such as LG G6 or Samsung Galaxy 8, you don’t need to read this.

Android Phones have improved so much for the last 10 years. Who would’ve have thought that the once call and text mobile phone will become one of the most used devices in today’s generation and treat it well as if our lives depend on it. Our lives turn miserable for a few minutes when we realize that our phone is damaged or lost. And despite all those improvements, there is still no reliable fix on how to really make a 100 percent waterproof smartphone.

In case you caught your smartphone getting enrolled on a swimming lesson without your consent, here is a step by step guide to avoiding losing your phone.

Make sure it’s turned off

I know it takes a few seconds to react when you accidentally drop your phone in a toilet bowl. No matter how tragic or disgusting it is, get over your floating mind and snatch your phone immediately. The longer it stays in water the smaller the chance of fixing it.

Turn the phone off once it’s no longer in water and make sure it stays that way. Don’t be confident even if it looks fine. You’ll never know if there are small leaks present. Turning it on will only cause an electrical shortage.

Remove all removable parts

Now that your phone is out of the water, it’s time to tear it apart. Don’t throw it in the wall, though. What I mean is slowly open your phone casing and gently separate all removable parts and let them dry separately. Lay them all out on a paper towel so the water will disappear naturally.

Never do stupid things like pressing the external keys, shake the device, or blow into the device to let it dry. You will only push water deeper into the device making it prone to more damages. Don’t mess with your phone. Let it dry gently without moving it too much.

Ways to dry it out

You can let it dry out in a drawer or make it dry faster by having some help.

Rice is the most popular way to dry out your phone, but it usually takes 2 – 3 days. Rice is a natural moisture absorbent and it’s easily found at home. Don’t mix it with your sack of everyday consumption, though. You might as well eat your phone for dinner. Fill a Ziploc bag with rice then put your phone in the middle. Let it stay there for 3 days max.

Silica Gel Packs is also a good alternative to rice. It is the small bag of powder you found in newly purchased shoes, bags or electronic boxes.

The Moment of Truth

It’s time to see if everything turned out well. Plug the phone and turn it. If it works, you’re a superhero! You just survived 3 days without using a smartphone. But don’t celebrate just yet. Observe your phone for several days if there have been some malfunctions in some areas, or the earphone, microphone, and speakers still work.

If the phone doesn’t work after all that effort. It’s time to mourn and accept defeat. There’s nothing much you can do from this point, other than claiming the insurance if it still has.

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