Energy Flow – An App to Help Revitalize Your Mind

Energy Flow – An App to Help Revitalize Your Mind

As our lives struggle to keep pace with technology, a lot of us become victims of acute stress because the days when people used to sit on the porch, enjoy some iced tea and a cigar, are too damn rare for most of us to remember. Gone are the days when people had little to worry about, where people were more at peace with themselves and their lives, when people were not under the constant pressure of competition, in everything – from career to getting a good table at the restaurant. There is competition everywhere and we have begun coping in the fight for the best, we have stopped living. In such a case, if we can find even five minutes to release ourselves from tension, it is a boom.

Therefore, instead of using technology just to build pressure, we must use it to release it as well. One app that can help us in doing that is Energy Flow. Energy Flow is an immersive film experience that is unique every time it is played, exploring the complexity of how things are connected in our lives today – the fragile equilibrium between physical, political, and cultural tensions.

It is very easy to operate. All you need to do is throw and steer a spin top across the game board to trigger the number it all starts with your Seed Number for Energy Flow. The number takes you into a loop of film experiences of 1-5min duration, with stunning animations and unique soundtracks from experimental electronica to classical sounds.

It is unique because it has:

-10 Stories – 1000 unique Films
-A new kind of digital storytelling
-Stunning paintings in motion, unique generative soundtracks

-Behind the Scenes, Making-of Footage and Interviews
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Never before has our world been shaken up by such a multiplicity of fundamental shifts: from the Arab Spring to the London Riots, from the financial crisis to the groundbreaking research at CERN institute. With Energy Flow, FIELD presents a close-up study of 10 animated stories inspired by these shifts.

Energy Flow observes the instinct-driven movements of wild animals; a memory of anarchy and chaos on our streets; games of chance symbolising the mathematical chaos that holds our universe together; and much more. The lush and powerful animations pay tribute to contemporary painting as well as the new aesthetic of today’s science and technology.

The bespoke algorithmic system of Energy Flow interlinks the stories into countless unique film experiences. From a quick dream rush to a meditative impression, each iteration of Energy Flow presents a different abstract narrative full of crosslinks and connotations; reflecting that there is never just one perspective on our complex world.

FIELD collaborated with German sound artist David Kamp to drive the sound and music composition from the same system, creating a one-off soundtrack blending experimental electronica with classical instruments for each iteration of Energy Flow.

A few things that you would need to get the best out of this app are:

–       Use headphones for the best audio-visual experience.

–       Internet connection (preferably wifi) is required to experience Energy Flow.

If you have these two, nothing can stop you from getting rid of all your worries and tensions and just letting go for a while. It is the best drug for your mental well being without any side effects!

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