Find Your Great-Great Grandfather With the Ancestry App

Find Your Great-Great Grandfather With the Ancestry App

We’ve all walked up to our grandparents and asked them where they originated from and what was it like growing up back then? We huddled around them enthusiastically and listened to stories on end as the night crawled by lost in wonder. Their fascinating real life experiences enchanted you and took you to a different world all together. We all loved it and still do.

And to keep your love for this family storytelling, the makers of bring to you a ported version of their popular service in the form of an integrated Android app named Ancestry. With the help of this ingenious little app, you can now trace your past origins and rediscover forgotten bloodlines. It takes you through the journey of a lifetime literally in the span of a few seconds. The Ancestry app keeps in mind how you loved listening to those fairy tale-like family stories and creates an interface to match exactly that and a lot more.

ancestry treeOn launching the Ancestry app, the first thing you are asked to do is create an account. If you already have an account through the website everything is auto-synced of course and you can continue from there.

All you have to do after that is familiarize yourself with the functionality of the app in a matter of just a few minutes and you are good to go.

The layout of the Ancestry app asks you first to add in your details including your date of birth, origin, place of current location.

You can also add in the different places you have stayed from birth to at present. This gives the Ancestry app complete details of your bio-data.

You can then look for people on the app or add people to your family tree.

Here’s where the fun begins. You could add in people to your tree directly. Their records are saved on the app and if not you can add them and have people join the tree too.

This makes knowing where you came from all the more fun and hey, maybe this time you could be the one telling all the fancy and colorful stories about your family’s rich history to your friends the next time you meet up.

Once you see and add people to your tree, you have created a bigger tree with many people in it. You can even interact with some of your long-forgotten but newly discovered family members through the Ancestry app.

As you build you family tree from scratch, many members come to the fore as experience of this app and increase the length of the tree.ancestry records

Once people are added to each other’s trees, the algorithm utilized by the Ancestry app, which is designed to automatically find and add in the relevant people to complete your family tree so that you can see a coherent list of your ancestors.

This list starts of from the originators of the family and keeps going deeper and deeper till it’s filled.

With a click on a single individual’s profile, you get the details of all the lists and details that that person on the app has filled out.

To directly come out of the tree view and see a simple list, you also have the option to so from the main menu in order to quickly skim through those in your tree. Better still you can add images and memories to the app so that identifying and recollecting people

There also is a relationship calculator for you to see how you’re related. You can also look up old documents and scroll up you tree at quick pace.

So there you have it, rediscover your family tree at the palm of your hands through on your Android device. You might just be the distant descendant of some revolutionary inventor or royal family.

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