Get Shit Done – An Unconventionally Awesome Motivational Guru

Get Shit Done – An Unconventionally Awesome Motivational Guru

One of the most common phenomena of the human brain is beginning something with full force and having all the energy fizzled out. It happens very often. We always manage to lose all the motivation we started with while beginning something, be it studies, business projects, art, exercise and everything that requires us to get tired mentally, physically or both. It is the easy way out and humans are to easy what thorns are to roses.
We still manage to get through with doing stuff when we are younger because of our parents’ guidance, nagging and motivation thanks to which most of us manage to finish our schooling. But as we grow older, our parents’ interference in our lives becomes less. This is the time when we have our close friends around us who (ideally, unless we get into the wrong kind of company) become our motivators. This is the stage when friendships solidify and due to this solid friendship we realize that our friends have their own shit to deal with and cannot be our guide forever.

focusThis is the time we are at a great loss, except those exceptional few who are sorted and all they see is their goal, because our goals start fading away and we start prioritizing our laziness over our ambition.

Our goals and ambitions can be as small as waking up on time or as big as creating the next best selling mobile application. But to do all of that we need motivation. So what does one do when there is no one to motivate them?

Easy – download GET SHIT DONE, the app that can be your constant companion through thick and think, who accepts you as you are – for better or for worse, the app that does not leave your side when things get rough. It is always there; always there to point you at the right direction, always there to remind you why you started something.

It can motivate you in several ways including:

– Improve your productivity by using your motivation at the start to keep going.
– Stop procrastination by focusing on just one goal at a time, without distractions.
– Set your own rewards and consequences to feel the joy or pain of (not) achieving your goal even more.
– Smart break management system that tells you when you’ve actually earned to randomly browse Facebook again.
– Different modes for different types of tasks and people.
– Get things done more easily by dividing them into sub goals.
– All wrapped in a simple, elegant and un-distracting interface.


To top it all off, the developer of GET SHIT DONE admits that he is a bit inexperienced so there might be a few things that could be added to the app. Therefore, if anyone feels that the app could do with a few more features, the developer is all ears to tend to your needs!

All you need to do is download  and keep yourself motivated at all times for everything. Technology is, after all, the best substitute for humans.

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