Get the Best Cheap Gas Prices Wherever You Go

Get the Best Cheap Gas Prices Wherever You Go

Gas! Inflation! Fuel! Rising costs! And there we are stuck in the midst of it all waiting for the prices to fall and our guardian angel of cheap everything comes in to save us. Many a times we have found ourselves caught in the midst of a price rise that dents our monthly budget allocation and lands up imposing restrictions on our spending patterns much against our will.

We look for avenues to reduce this imposition and thereby restore decorum in all that we spend. Keeping that in mind here’s an app to guide you through the days of prudence and make sure you dint land up spending that extra buck where you could actually have saved it and used it elsewhere more fruitfully.

Enter – an Android app that ensures you pay the best price possible in the market for fuel and it is now available to you at the click of a button wherever you are on the road.

GasBuddy interface is a one-of-a-kind Android app that gives you the most economic fuel price at the closest gas station location available in your area using the inputs provided by you via GPS.

The app is literally a no brainer and the learning curve on this one is almost as good as flat.

The opening screen of the is set in a white background with a search bar that asks you to add in your zip code or city, and the prices are sorted, filtered and presented to you accordingly.

If you don’t want to go through the trouble of doing that, just click on the ‘Find Gas Near Me’ bar and the results are shown up. You can also log in and check the settings from the main home screen.

The screen pops out a treasure chest of cheap prices available in a list view.GasBuddy location

These price lists are sorted by the following filters:

  • Regular
  • Midgrade
  • Premium
  • Diesel

The regular prices will give you the cheapest and the best rate that there is.

The display of the search results compiles and presents this critical information as follows:

  • Price to the left in big.
  • The time it was updated below that
  • The name of the gas station
  • The address so that you don’t get lost on your way there.
  • And finally the distance of the gas station from where you are currently.

You have the option to sort all the above by price.

Each of the particulars as mentioned above is presented in a neat list view for easy viewing and quick browsing.

As the titles suggest the midgrade and the premium rates tab give rates respectively and a point to be well observes it that the station with the lowest ‘Regular’ rate may not necessarily be providing the cheapest ‘Premium’ rates.

You can report gas prices in the area and give back to the community of GasBusdy users.

This gives you points; lots and Lots of generously granted points.

And we all know points are equivalent to rewards on gas prices. So in your spate to reduce your monthly expenditure add in that reward section that grants you up to $250 in rewards.

Take that high prices! It’s time to jump on the bandwagon and cut your monthly fuel costs down to a highly affordable budget. Download it from Google Play Store right away because this app knocks the ball right out of the park in terms of utility factor.

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