Get Your Own 24/7 Digital Medic with the First Aid App

Get Your Own 24/7 Digital Medic with the First Aid App

Have you ever encountered a situation where your friends or family were in need of first aid and safety tips, like when the time your aunt sprained her ankle or your friend collapsed during the barbeque, and there was no help around. American Red Cross has solved this problem by releasing an app that promises to prepare the user with life-threatening situations. The First Aid: American Red Cross app is a brilliant new app that brings expert medical advice on situations that require emergency and aid and how to react to those situations at the touch of a button on your Android device.

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It covers a massive array of medical issues like bee stings, burns, hypothermia, head injury, narcotics, etc., all for free. The First Aid app requires 25 MB of free disk space but once the app is downloaded all the content is accessible even if the user has absolutely no cellular connectivity.

The First Aid: American Red Cross app is broken down into three parts for fulfilling the following objectives:

  • Learning
  • Preparation
  • Emergency

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The ‘Learn’ tab includes 19 different general first-aid categories like allergies, burns, meningitis, asthma, bites, strokes and a lot more. Under each category, the user is provided with information of the most common symptoms as well as the treatment for that injury. Some of them even have a video demonstrating the same.

There is also a question and answer section at the bottom that provides the user with basic knowledge about that injury. For example:- If the user should use ice on a burn or the meaning of asthma. The information is very well put up and is trustworthy as completely managed by American Red Cross.first aid options

The ‘Prepare’ tab consists of categories that will help the user prepare for natural disasters like tsunami and earthquakes as well as situations like chemical emergencies. It helps user know what they have to do in order to be prepared for the worse and how they can stay safe. It consists of a before checklist and advice on what to do during and after the emergency.

The ‘Emergency’ tab contains many of the categories from the learn tab but gives a step-by-step instruction or order to make the best possible first-aid decision. It also explains the user when the injury is too serious and provides a button that automatically dials 911, if the user requires it.

The First Aid Android app also consists of a testing component where the user can test himself and diagnose what the medical problem is. The user will be asked questions related to emergency situations that in turn will ensure that the user is completely prepared for when things go wrong.

When the user passes a test, he will be given an Achievement badge that will be displayed in the Test tab. The user can also share this achievement online with his friends. In addition to all of this the app consists of a ‘More’ section that provides the user with other options like volunteering, blood donation, buying a first aid kit or sharing their story of how the app helped them.

Instead of waiting till the last minute, prepare yourself for the worse. With interactive quizzes, videos and step-by-step instructions it has never been easier to learn first aid.  It’s like having your own personal doctor 24×7 by your side! Get your own digital medic by downloading it from Google Play Store today.

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