How to Develop the Perfect Cardio Routine for Your Body

How to Develop the Perfect Cardio Routine for Your Body

On the lines of Endomondo and Runtastic Android applications, comes another app to help you run your way through a healthy heart and lifestyle on the whole. Designed by popular health apps developer Noom Inc., Cardio Trainer is an integrated cardio app for your Android device that ensures you live a longer life and develops a stronger heart through exercise and rigorous training. It comes with a module designed to provide you the best running experience and motivation to help you shed unwanted pounds with ease and give you the right incentives to do so.

The interface in Cardio Trainer is easy to use and is optimised in a way that you can track everything from biking to Yoga and from jogging to sprinting. You can see exactly what progress you have made in your transition to a healthier lifestyle.

noom cardio trainerWith the Noom Cardio Trainer app on your Android phone, you can strap on this cool virtual trainer to your arms to help you run just like professional athletes do. You can do this wherever you want and whenever you want, be it outside or in the gym without affecting your cardio training schedule negatively.

Through the Noom Cardio trainer app, you can add in your physical health details like your weight and height and the required information. The app uses this data and benchmarks you to a training schematic that you can use as your goal.

Through this fitness schematic, you can plan a daily schedule and set reminders for you to start training through the app at the right times.

To further help you reach your goals, Cardio Trainer even motivates you by telling you your progress out loud while you jog or sprint, which motivates you to run as it tells you the calories you burnt and the time you have been running for and distance covered.

It uses GPS tracking technology to get real-time information on the route that you have run through and gives you all the vital statistics related to that. The GPS maps out through a blue line where all you have crossed and accordingly looking into the map you can plan your further route

Get the pace that you are running at as you run and an average pace in min/mi. Also see the beats per minute on your heart as you run.

The ‘My Progress’ section tells you what your goal is and where you have reached through easy to understand graphical representations. It outlines further how much weight you have lost and how much less calories you must eat each day from that day onwards to reach the goal. It tells you how much you have to burn per week and charts the time frame in which you must achieve it.

On using the Noom Cardio Trainer app, you can set targets and exercise types. For example add in if you are going for a walk or a run, or are going biking.

It also includes an integrated playlist to motivate you to the tunes of adrenaline pumping music so that you reach your goal with double the enthusiasm.noom cardio running

The History tab clearly charts out the time you travelled for each day and distance with calories burned. It shows you a break up of how much you lost per session be it a run or a jog and graphically on a bar shows how many calories you lost.

This way you can set your own goals be it for calorie reduction, distance or a time goal or simple interval training.

Share all the above with your friends and have them join you. See what the others on the app are doing to so you can set a target and race with the other to the finish line. Get a share activity feed of your friends to keep you in the game.

Noom Cardio trainer is available for free. Download it today and work with a training regime that will turn you into a professional athlete.

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