How to Easily Transfer Photos from Instagram to Flickr

How to Easily Transfer Photos from Instagram to Flickr

Last week, millions of Instagram users realized that the company was not running a charity: it was running a business. And businesses need to make money in order to stay alive. As a result, Instagram tweaked its privacy policy ever so slightly in order to allow it to use user photos in advertisements.

Instagram users were devastated – even if most of them didn’t understand what was going on. But in any case, if you want to switch your pictures from Instagram to Flickr, here’s a quick guide:

Step 1) Sign up for a Flickr account (you must also have an Instagram account for this process to work)

Step 2) Login to both of your accounts

Step 3) Open a website called FreeThePhotos

Step 4) Click Login with Instagram and complete the short connection process

Step 5) Click Login with Flickr and complete that connection process

Step 6) You should be automatically redirected to the homepage. Tap the Alert me once my migration finishes button, then enter your email address and click the Free Your Photos button

Step 7) That’s it! FreeThePhotos will transfer all of your Instagram photos to your Flickr account. We think this is just smart marketing by Flickr, but who knows? It could be a third-party user who just doesn’t like Instagram’s policy changes.

In any case, visit FreeThePhotos today to start the transfer process and protect the privacy of your photos.

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