How to Enhance Android Performance Without Rooting

How to Enhance Android Performance Without Rooting

Even though all of us have smartphones today and all of us cannot live without our android devices, it is not necessary that all of us are as enthusiastically immersed in technology as the tech geeks. We love it, no doubt, but we cannot constantly keep talking, researching or reading about it. For some of us, it is just an aid and not a passion.

For those people, today’s article is going to be amazing because even though we are not that much into the workings of our devices, knowing some of its functions would benefit us immensely.

Now, the most common android term these days is rooting. Rooting this, rooting that, this, that – it is everywhere! While initially it was good to know about it and realize its great potential, the truth is it may not be your cup of tea, or simply too challenging for you to fully leverage.

The irritation is completely understandable, however, even if you have decided not to root your phone, there are still certain things that you could do to your device that will enhance its overall performance. These little things can make a huge difference and should be done to increase the life of your device.

Therefore, here are those few things that you could do in case you do not want to root your device:

  • First things first, you need to understand your device which include its features and drawbacks and download apps keeping these things in mind because overburdening your phone will lead to its degradation.
  • Even if you are happy with how your device is working, you must always update your android operating system to the latest one because it brings lots of improvements which help your device perform better and make it more stable.
  • While it is tempting to download all these wonderful apps out there, especially because there are so many excellent apps that are completely free, you need to remember that these amazing icons hoard a lot of storage space and make your device slower. Therefore, download only the apps most important to you, the ones that actually help your everyday living in some way.
  • Continuing with the above point, make it a habit to clear your phone from all the unnecessary apps present in it. You might have downloaded it once upon a time but if you barely ever use it, just remove it. Keep reviewing your phone applications form time to time to see what you really use so that you can keep deleting the apps that are not of much use to you.
  • If you don’t use an app too much but you don’t want to delete it either, you could just disable it. This would remove its icon from the home screen. All you need to do is re-enable it whenever you feel its need.
  • Even the apps that you download keep getting updates. It is advisable to update your apps whenever the updates are available on Google Play because the updated versions have fixed bugs and have new features that ultimately is beneficial for your device.

Even though rooting is best when it comes to an enhanced performance of our device, it is not everyone’s cup of tea. Thus, these are a few easy things that you can do to help your device live a long and healthy life!

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