How to Identify and Solve your Android Battery Problems

How to Identify and Solve your Android Battery Problems

So you have Android battery life problems. You’ve probably read a few articles about easy ways to save Android battery life – like turning off your super-accurate location sensor or reducing screen brightness.

But changing your location settings sucks – it vastly reduces the functionality of many good apps, like fitness trackers.

So what should you really do to solve battery life problems and identify the root causes behind your problems? Here are a few ideas:

Install BetterBatteryStats

BetterBatteryStats may be the best battery life information app available on Android today. It provides extremely detailed information about your Android battery and how that battery life is used.

betterbatterystats 2

Advantages of BetterBatteryStats include:

-See how much life you have left in different modes, including deep sleep, awake, screen on, and Wi-Fi on

-Let the app identify unique battery draining applications, helping you spot the root causes of severe battery life problems

-Reduce or remove wakelocks to increase battery life

-Measure the effects that certain actions have on battery life

-Detect changes in the awake/sleep profile and quickly find the causes (which may be rogue apps)

Unfortunately, KitKat removed many of the BetterBatteryStats features and made them root-access only. So if your phone isn’t rooted, then I recommend using the second option on our list.

BetterBatteryStats also costs $2.50, while our next option is available for free. Download BetterBatteryStats here.

Install Wakelock Detector

Wakelock holding apps are the biggest culprits when it comes to stealing Android battery life. What exactly are wakelock holding apps?

Well, Wakelocks are a power-saving mechanism within Android OS. They’re used to keep your CPU awake, which is called a partial wakelock, and to keep your CPU awake and your screen on, which is a full wakelock.

wakelock detector

Wakelock Detector is an app which identifies wakelock holding apps on your Android device. These apps are, for some reason or another, holding wakelocks. Some apps hold wakelocks for good reason, while others do it for malicious reasons. And some do it for mysterious reasons.

In any case, Wakelock Detector’s main feature is to scan your phone for detailed usage data. You have to charge you phone above 90%, then let the battery drain out in order for the app to work. But once you do that, you can see which apps are stealing your battery life.

Download Wakelock Detector today from here.

Install Snapdragon BatteryGuru

Snapdragon BatteryGuru is another app which lets you peek behind Android’s battery usage statistics to learn more about the data within.

Thanks to Snapdragon BatteryGuru, you can identify battery-wasting apps while also saving battery life in other ways. It’s exceptionally useful and some have been able to save an hour or more of battery life by using this app.

snapdragon batteryguru

Key features include:

-A number of battery life extender features, which means more battery life and fewer charges

-No user configuration – the app is smart enough to monitor your activity and adjust your smartphone as it needs to be adjusted

-Optimize your smartphone from the processor up, reducing power consumption and increasing the speed of your Android device

One funny thing about this app is that it requires a “2-4 day introduction period”. During that introduction period, the app learns about the user’s behavior patterns and builds a profile.

As the name suggests, BatteryGuru is designed specifically for Snapdragon devices. It’s built to maximize the efficiency of your Snapdragon processor.

Download Snapdragon BatteryGuru for free today from here

Trying to solve annoying battery life problems? The apps listed above are a good place to start. Download one of the apps and learn why your phone suddenly goes from 60% to 10% in 15 minutes, or why it suddenly heats up when it shouldn’t be heating up. The answer, in many cases, has a lot to do with wakelocks.

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