How to Remove Bloatware Without Root Access

Removing bloatware has always been an age-old struggle for Android users. It’s always been there, on our devices, taking up space in our app drawers and valuable megabytes on our storage.

Thankfully, rooting Android lets you remove all bloatware.

But what if you don’t want to root your phone? Well, thanks to an app called Debloater, you can remove bloatware from your phone without root access.

Debloater Disables Apps System-Wide

If you’re using an unrooted Android device, then Debloater won’t actually remove the apps.

Instead, it will run a script that disables the bloatware apps system-wide – which is very similar to how the “disable” function works.

The disable function is already built-into Android. It’s available on apps you can’t uninstall. However, Debloater still makes it easier because it disables multiple apps at once. You can disable both system apps and third party apps.

If you ever want to use the app again, then you can re-enable it from within the Debloater app.

One common misconception about removing bloatware from Android is that you can gain back space. While that’s technically true, you won’t gain back usable space because of the way Android storage is partitioned. So if you wanted a few hundred megabytes of extra space, then removing bloatware system apps won’t help (they don’t take up that much space anyway).

How to Use Debloater

Download Debloater today from here.

You download it to your PC, then connect your Android to your PC and run the software, wiping out (or disabling) bloatware as you go along.

Install the app, connect your Android, then walk through the steps on-screen. It’s super easy.

It Works Better With Root Access

The most important thing to remember about Debloater is that it sorta works without root access. But it works best when you have root access.

With root access, you can wipe out all bloatware apps from your device. In fact, you can even delete critical system data if you like – which is why you should stick to using apps like Debloater to safely remove unwanted bloatware apps.

If you root your phone with One Click Root, our certified technicians can actually remove bloatware immediately after rooting your device. Otherwise, Debloater is a good alternative solution.

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