How to Set a Data Usage Limit on your Android Phone or Tablet

How to Set a Data Usage Limit on your Android Phone or Tablet

Androids are a lot of fun until you hit your data limit. And then they get really, really, ridiculously expensive. Since unlimited data plans are getting more and more difficult to find, many Android users have been forced to give themselves data limits.

Today, we’ll show you how to set a data limit and prevent your phone bill from adding up to hundreds of dollars.

Monitoring data usage

First, you should take a look at your data usage to see if you actually have a data problem. I’m going to assume that you know how much data your plan gives you.

Go to the Settings menu and tap Data usage. From here, you can see all of the data you’ve used over a chosen period of time. You can easily adjust the sliders along the bottom of the chart to look at exact dates, months, or whatever period of time you like.

Setting a data limit

From that Data usage menu we just talked about, you can easily setup a mobile data limit. Just check the box beside Set mobile data limit at the top of the Data usage screen. Then, choose whatever data limit you would like.

Personally, I like to set a data warning at 80% of my plan’s allotted data and then a data usage cutoff at 95%. Why 95%? Well, if I’m in some sort of data emergency and need to use data, I can turn off the data limit.

Once these limits and warnings are set, you will receive notifications when you’ve almost reached your mobile data limit. At the actual data limit you’ve set, your phone will disable data usage over mobile networks (yes, this limit can easily be turned off).

Data limits are useful for a number of different reasons. Obviously, they help you save money. But they can also prevent your kids from inadvertently sucking up bandwidth when they play games on your device. It’s also a good way to avoid large phone bills when traveling overseas.

How to Set a Data Usage Limit on your Android Phone

How to turn off all data usage

If you don’t trust the mobile data limit you’ve set up, then there is an easy way to turn off all mobile data usage. Go to Settings and then tap the Wireless & networks button. From there, choose Data usage and switch that setting to Off.

This will prevent your phone from using data when connected to a mobile network. I use this setting when I’m overseas and don’t feel like paying $5 per MB of roaming data usage.

These data usage limits work on all Android tablets and smartphones that I know of. Whether you’re trying to avoid a massive phone bill or you just want to control your phone addiction, data usage limits are one of many advantages of the Android operating system.

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