How to Streamline Your Instant Messaging on One Platform

How to Streamline Your Instant Messaging on One Platform

Since the days of MSN messenger when instant messaging was just beginning to kick off, a number of programmes have carried that torch forth and created more and more ingenious and unique tools to support instant messaging. In the present day, an individual has the daunting task of managing multiple social profiles across the digital space. Unfortunately, maintaining your online social relevance often demands frequent hopping from one digital hotspot to the other to manage your shared information and communications.

A colossal equivalent of being available is being accessible to chat and directly communicate with online.

So let’s take a quick look at the major sources of instant messaging communication today. im+ contacts

  • MSN messenger
  • Skype
  • Facebook messenger
  • gTalk
  • Yahoo Messenger

Now it is seemingly impossible to be omnipresent across all the of these messengers and even if one does log in to all of them at once, switching back from one messenger to the other will be nothing short of inconvenient and time consuming.

This is where the IM+ Android app makes a grand entrance. Every single one of the dilemmas stated above is exactly what is not there in the IM+. In simple words it assimilates chat messages into one universal app and displays messages sent by respective messengers ranging from Facebook messenger to gtalk.

For an exhaustive list of consolidated messengers refer to the photo alongside. It consists of 19 different messengers used vastly.

There are two version of this app –  IM+ and IM+ pro, of which the latter is clearly the paid version.

On logging in to the IM+ app the user syncs his Social Media profiles and networking sites with messengers to IM+.  It consists of a merged list of contacts from all the synced profiles.

A user can chat simultaneously with multiple friends and contacts across different locations all through one place. What more can a chat-crazy chirpy user ask for.

He/She can set alerts in forms of LED light flickering with different colours, use the indigenously custom made android ringtones and set vibrator alerts to suit the user’s needs.

The User Interface is optimized for both handsets and tablets.

im+ chat

You can send text messages and photos as well, not to forget voice notes.

A group chat feature exists as well on MSN messenger, Skype, AIM and ICQ.

Not only that, a user can configure multiple accounts per service.

He/She can view chats in landscape mode for a bigger picture and can configure push notifications as well. This will enable the user to be updated with notifications even when the app in not opened.

The average rating on the IM+ is a modest 4.3 stars and a 4.2 on the IM+ pro, paid app. IM+ most certainly makes easy the entire experience of messaging on the go through one channel itself.

Another key aspect of the app is its regular ‘version’ updates. The latest version update happened on April 1, 2013 and there’s always something new to be tweaked and/or added to make the app more interactive. This universal messenger is unquestionably a must-have app for the social butterflies who love being connected 24/7.

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