How to Text Message Someone Using Facebook Messenger for Android

How to Text Message Someone Using Facebook Messenger for Android

Facebook Messenger is a popular application that – as you probably already know – allows users to send messages to their Facebook friends.

But Facebook Messenger recently received a powerful upgrade that allows users to send both SMS text messages and standard Facebook messages through the app.

Accessing the SMS feature on Facebook Messenger is really simple. In fact, users barely have to do anything. Already, Android users around the world have been prompted to import their text messages. After importing messages, they appear in the Facebook Messenger interface, and users are then able to send and receive SMS messages through the app.

What’s the point?


It’s no secret that Facebook is constantly trying to work its way into more and more parts of our lives. But I’m struggling to see the point of SMS messaging over Facebook Messenger. I already have an SMS inbox where I can text all my friends. Why do I need to combine that inbox with the inbox I use to send and receive messages from my Facebook friends?

Honestly, Facebook, the extra button push it takes to get to my SMS inbox doesn’t bother me in the slightest. For now, I’m happy with letting Facebook stay away from my SMS messages.

But if you feel differently about SMS messaging through Facebook, feel free to hit ‘Try It’ when Facebook prompts you to sync SMS messages with your Messenger account.

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