How to Update a Rooted Android Without Losing Data or Root Access

If you look at the pros and cons of rooting, you’ll often see something like “rooting is bad because you miss OTA updates from your carrier”.

That’s only true if you install a new custom ROM. You can root your phone and keep your stock ROM, in which case you get OTA updates.

However, there are some downsides even with this method. You have to re-root your phone after OTA updates, for example, and you may lose your customization options and other data.

Fortunately, renowned Android modder Chainfire has come up with a better solution. That solution is called Flashfire, and it lets you update your phone without losing your data or your root access.

How to Update your Android Without Losing Root Access

Chainfire’s Flashfire solution lets you update your device without using TWRP while still allowing you to keep root access. Here’s how it works:

Step 1) Download the latest firmware file for your Android device. Firmware files are hosted at your manufacturer’s official website. You can find Samsung’s firmware files, for example, here. Or, you may be able to find manufacturer-specific firmware apps, like SamFirm, to help you download the correct build for your device.

Step 2) Copy the firmware file to the root of your Android’s internal storage.

Step 3) Download FlashFire from here. This tool lets you flash your update without rooting or losing data. After downloading the .apk, install it on your Android.

Step 4) Launch FlashFire and tap the Plus symbol, then tap the Flash Firmware Package button. You’ll be prompted to choose a file. Choose your firmware file.

That’s it! FlashFire will update your phone using that firmware file. After the process is complete, you’ll still have root access and your data will be unaffected.

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