Let Your Books Speak to You With Audible

Let Your Books Speak to You With Audible

Books have forever been regarded as the torches of enlightenment we pass on from generation to generation. They are the greatest teachers an individual with a strong sense of curiosity and willingness to explore could hope for. Generally, you can carry it with you whatever you go. However, at times it is difficult to do so for various reasons, one of them being lack of space or time to do so.

Usually, you’re too caught up with your work and social commitments and are unable to complete the half-read novella you were reading and the ones you promised yourself to read last year. But now, it’s time to bid those excuses goodbye and rejoice with “Audible for Android” – an app that allows you to enjoy all the books you want to read with a whole new convenient twist.

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All one has to do is download the app from the Google Play Store and listen to the books on the go. Yes, that’s right. You get to carry around a virtual narrator to patiently read out anything you wanted to read simply by listening.

Drown yourself into a great story any time and any place you feel like. You can choose from a mind-blowing and breath-taking range of 100,000+ book titles and download them to your Android phone. This rich and diverse virtual library stocks everything from classics to best-sellers and all you can think of in between.audible book reading

All you have to do is just turn it on with a tap of your finger and listen to a good book of your choice without even having to hold one up and strain your eyes.

You could be marvelling at the political machinations of Game of Thrones characters or unravelling a mystery in your head about The Great Gatsby while doing your daily household chores, driving, gymming or  any other activity where your busy with your hands and eyes.

Let’s take a look at what all we can do with Audible:-

ü  Use your Wi-Fi or 3G/4G data connection to transfer books to your device.

ü  Audio chapter’s navigation allows you to scroll through chapters to skip faster.

ü  Bookmarking can easily be done too through the options available on the app

ü  Set a sleeping mode for Audible to auto stop when you are likely to fall asleep

ü   You can also set variable narration speeds from slow to fast to match your hearing capabilities.

ü  While listening to books using the Audible app, multitasking is completely permitted and easily doable and additionally background downloading is configured for quick and easy downloads too.

ü  With a compatible Kindle device, the good news is that you can even switch from listening to reading mode with whisper sync for voice built in within the app. 

ü  Buy books from the accessible audio store again through Audible.

ü  Earning badges and keeping a track of your listening habits and audiobook achievements is a good practice to cultivate the habit further. It gives you a natural psychological motivation seeing the list of books you are reading and the badges you have earned for it that you can compare with your friends in the same community.

audible badgesü  You can keep your friends updated about what audiobooks you are listening by using Facebook and twitter and spread the word and perhaps bring in a friend or two!

ü  Better still, Audible gives you event updates for when your favourite author is in town and makes sure you won’t miss it.

Audible is supported by audible.com, audible.co.uk and audible.de.

Listening with Audible isn’t just another run of the mill app that gives you an enjoyable but forgettable experience. It actually adds value to your time and doubles up as the teacher we wish we all had in school who taught everything we liked. You can do other chores or drive to work and read a book with your ears all at the same time. So don’t wait too long! Download and discover this free app today and enjoy the quintessential sound experience to keep your mind sound.

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