Money Tracker – No More Mysterious Credit/Debit Card Expenses

Money Tracker – No More Mysterious Credit/Debit Card Expenses

As convenient as plastic money is, sometimes we lose track of the amount we are spending and begin to splurge. In such cases, cash is always better to keep a tab on our expenditure. But with cash, there are a few limitations including ‘there is only that much cash that you can carry’, it has a higher chance of getting stolen and if stolen, it is untraceable. Hence, most of us prefer to carry our credit or debit cards as they are hassle free but they have their own limitations. I am sure most of us have been victims of suspicious card charges but since we have not been able to track how they keep coming up, we have to pay them and it kills us because it is our hard earned money.

Some of us, the unlucky ones, have also been at the receiving end of serious frauds and been very helpless because apart from embracing defeat with open arms, there is nothing we can do.

I am kidding. Do you actually believe that there is nothing that we can do? Think again. We live in a world where anything is possible. And accepting defeat ‘with open arms’ (yes, I am a bit theatrical) is what losers do. Winners download a free app called MONEY TRACKER. So bid goodbye to expenses that are not legitimately yours and only pay for yet another pair of heels (I know it is more important than oxygen, I am no one to judge). With MONEY TRACKER, you can see all your account balances and charges in one place and not only does it protect you from fraud but it also helps you save money with simple budgeting that actually works.

That is not it. MONEY TRACKER has a lot more to offer:

TRACK your spending, the fast and smart way:
– Powerful spending meter and budgeting at a glance.
– Know exactly what you are spending by category. Adjust on the fly.
– All your charges, intelligently organized in one Smart Inbox.
– Get notified on new purchases. Nothing sneaks through!

PROTECT your cards from fraud and unfair charges:
– New! BillGuard data breach alerts tell you when a hacker may have access to your cards.
– Get alerted right away when BillGuard identifies a sneaky charge.
– The world’s #1 transaction monitoring app, powered by millions of diligent consumers.

SAVE money with smarter tech:
– Found an unfair charge? Ask the merchant for a refund with a tap.
– Bite-sized, real-time budgeting.
– $60+ million in card fraud and grey charges found since 2011
– Over $1 million in fraudulent charges flagged by BillGuard users since the Target data breach.

With so much served in a silver platter, just one app download away, are you still going to risk it with cash because you are afraid? If not you, then at least let MONEY TRACKER serve your plastic money so that both the things can work to their maximum potential and make your life easier with a smooth swipe!

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