Root Booster – Because Even Rooted Devices Need a Helping Hand

Root Booster – Because Even Rooted Devices Need a Helping Hand

Whatever we do in life, whenever we do it, no matter how young or old we are, we can never do something in isolation. Be it a good thing or a bad thing, and I hope it is all good things, we need a support system to get the best out of us. It is usually our parents, friends and lovers who make us a better person – at what we do and overall as well.

They give us hope and faith because they have faith in us. It is because of them that we are able to do things at the best of our abilities. If it were not for our mentors, we will not be able to achieve what we want to achieve. Whether it is a small thing or a big decision we need to take, our mentors are always there to guide us through it.

The same applies to our rooted Android devices. Even they need a support system. Even they need someone or something to get the best performance out of them. Even they need something to lift their spirits and make them a better device. And that something is an app called Root Booster.

There are many apps that save battery or increase performance, however, Root Booster uses the most proven settings to achieve the best results. You can easily apply these settings with preset modes which ensure speed boost, battery boost or stability boost. These modes are achieved by applying appropriate settings to the main phone components. Here are some explanations for what particularly Root Booster does to your CPU, RAM and Android OS system.

RB 2

Root Booster is for those who need more performance to run applications smoothly without lags or for those who need to improve a poor battery life. Each Android application can have one or multiple services. They run in the background and usually perform some kind of task. Many people think that when they kill an application, it completely stops draining your battery and computing power, but that’s not true. Application still have services that are running after killing and still drains battery and computing power.

On the other hand, if you hibernate an application it stop it’s services and application does not drain battery and CPU computing power anymore. Hibernation is gently and efficient way to save your battery and increase performance.

RB 3

Root Booster will find battery draining and performance demanding applications and auto hibernates them. A governor is a driver for the regulation of CPU frequency. Governor decides how fast and when will be achieved maximal or minimal CPU frequency. Setting appropriate governor makes your device more battery saving, fast or even more stable. However, deciding which governor is suitable is a little bit tricky. Root Booster can decide which governor you should use and automatically applies the most suitable governor for the selected mode.

RB 4

Each application uses VM heap for it’s data and work. The main reason to change the VM heap size is stability improvement. Many big applications need a big amount of memory (VM heap) for their work. If the VM heap size is smaller than the requested memory, it causes an application crash (Out of memory error). Setting heap size is hard task and there is no manual to set up for better performance. Better performance can be only achieved by testing. Root Booster will test your RAM and sets up your VM heap size for better stability and performance.

Just like all of us need mentors, let Root Booster be the guide your rooted android device needs and make your device function to the best of its ability!

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