Rooting Hide – To Let It Be a Mystery

Rooting Hide – To Let It Be a Mystery

There are times when you might have to hide the fact that you have rooted your android device, assuming that you have rooted it. I don’t know why, but maybe the need would arise. Or maybe some apps are made just because, to trick apps into thinking that you have an unrooted device. You don’t really have any use of it but if there is an availability, you might want to use it or suddenly make a situation wherein you could use it.

Rooting Hide is one of those apps. I personally could not think of why one would want to hide the fact that they have rooted their android devices, but I though I should cover it incase you were looking for an app like this. The usual root not used to limit the use of the root as opposed to other financial apps in the app or game app such devices ‘Rooting Hide‘ app so you can use these rooting Hide apps for power users click the rooting required, and it will do a substantial role as a useful tool to have in mind. The security was hidden, again, by placing the authority to temporarily use the routing function to restore a hidden user if you change the theme or area of the system operation is required.

It has a lot of useful features and functions, including:

1. Ability to hide the root (back)
2. Function (restore) to restore the rooting
3. Ability to use a password to restore rooting although it is not recommended.
4. Superuser app related deletion
5. Ability to connect Google Offers app store and installation Superuser
6. Own use only SU binary function that does not use the app for Superuser related.

If you are wondering how to go about using Rooting Hide, here is how:

Install the app on the state in which the rooting is to hide the SU binary. And delete all the apps related to the rest of the route. So that it is not detected during the inspection route. It shall delete all rooting-related apps. The app does not encourage you to look good if the rooting is still detected. Some banking app, you need to change the built-in SD card folder names easier because the folders related to the app and install inspection tag is also deleted or temporarily deleted if you are restoring a binary install Superuser app from the Google Play Store. Offers rooting and hiding the app to run a restore. There is no need to install a restore because those who use the app need Superuser related to “Installing the SU binary” itself is for the power user.

Note that this app has superuser privileges. It does not support a security enhanced Android 4.3 and 4.4 versions.

So if you ever feel the need to hide your android root, of just feel like hiding it for no reason, or are curious to know what happens if you hide root, Rooting Hide is the app that you need to head to. Enjoy.

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