Stability Test – An Effective Stress Testing Tool For Your Android

Stability Test – An Effective Stress Testing Tool For Your Android

As fun as it is being spontaneous, stability is a very needed aspect of our life. This is because stability is directly proportional to being dependable. Be it our job, our  relationships, our income, and everything else, there needs to be some stability in everything. Not just this, there needs to be stability in our diet, in the vehicles that we use, even public transport and every other aspect of our life.

Being spontaneous is fun but it can only last to a certain extent after which there needs to be a sense of dependance on something, say a routine, or someone or everything. In short, there needs to be some sort of stability in our everyday lives. And since our phones make up for a huge part of our lives, there needs to be a great deal of stability in them as well.

After all, they need to be there when we really need them because there are times when we need to make an emergency call, or we immediately need the internet and other such situations in which we cannot afford our phones to give up on us. Thus, just like we need regular check-ups, so do our phones. And if you have made the effort of rooting your android device and even if you have not, the app that is going to see whether you should be having the blind faith that you do on your phone is Stability Test.

Stability Test is a CPU, GPU, RAM/memory stress-testing tool for your device, whether stock and unrooted (limited functionality) or rooted and overclocked with SetCPU, SetVsel or similar tools. It also comes with per core or combined native linpackc MFLOPS calculation to measure your raw CPU performance. The CPU worker performs mathematical calculations (“prime crunching”) in native code and verifies the results, while the RAM worker does heavy c memcpy operations in native code in a different thread.

stability-test 2

It includes the following features:

– Classic StabilityTest for unrooted devices (sufficient to check your device’s stability)

– Scaling StabilityTest for rooted devices (useful to test undervolting, overclocking and underclocking settings)

– CPU + GPU StabilityTest for unrooted devices (test both the stability & accuracy of your SoC’s CPU and GPU)

– Native MFLOPS estimation (linpack / linpackc) either per core or combined

– Background Mode (StabilityTest can now run in background and with the screen turned off, except for the CPU/GPU mode)

– Dual & Quadcore support

Native support & optimization for ARMv5TE, ARMv7-A, ARMv7-A + NEON, MIPS, INTEL X86 is also available on Stability Test. Note that the CPU + GPU test tends to be less accurate for CPU related instabilities because part of the cpu power is eaten by opengl and thus cannot be verified.

So if you want to overclock your device, test your settings with this tool and if you want a rough estimation of your raw, native CPU power, try the built-in MFLOPS benchmark (either per core or combined).

Stability Test will make sure that your android device does not give up on you at any time at any cost. This app will make sure that your device is always there for you no matter what. It will make your device completely dependable!

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