Umano – Catch Up With the Latest News Updates Without Reading Them

Umano – Catch Up With the Latest News Updates Without Reading Them

If you are someone who finds it hard to sit still and read, if you think that reading belongs to the stone ages, if you are a good listener or if reading becomes a bit inconvenient for you because you are busy doing other things, like driving, then UMANO is the app for you.

Too much of text or very heavy paragraphs are a big turn off for a lot of us because we have just fallen out of the habit of reading since school. A lot of us have too many things to do and we do not have time to even read the newspaper however much we want to. The best thing to do in the above situations is to download UMANO – the app that reads for you.

Yes, the mobile application actually reads articles on your behalf. All you need to do is listen to it. Not just that, the ever growing catalogue of articles from the world’s best publishers and bloggers are narrated by professional voice actors. Thus, you do not need to take out time for reading; you can do it while you are taking part in your daily routine like cooking, cleaning and driving amongst others things.

Its key features include:

– Your daily headline news and thousands of articles narrated by REAL people.
-Enjoy a wide selection of articles from various news publishers and topics from Technology to Lifestyle.
– Simple and intuitive design. It is ideal for times when you are on-the-go.
– Build your own playlist or let UMANO create one for you based on your interest or time available.
– Download capabilities for offline listening.
– Request any article of your choice for narration.
– See what your friends are listening to and share articles with friends via Email, Twitter or Facebook. Friends can listen, even if they don’t have UMANO!
– Chromecast support allowing you to listen to interesting articles on your Chromecast enabled TV’s.
– Slick car mode designed for a perfect in-car listening experience.
– Read-along mode, ideal for language learning.

The app is very easy to use as it works like most media players. There is a playlist divided into sub lists according to genres. The best thing about this app is that one can create a playlist for offline use as well, so at times when you have network failures and have nothing to do; you can just start listening to your favorite article and not get bored as well as expand you horizon in the process.

It has a very smooth and clean interface, there is nothing complex about this app. It depends largely on the personal taste of its user. It is more natural to listen to as the articles are narrated by real people instead of a robotic synthesized voice so it is much like listening to the radio or a podcast. Every article has a brief introduction before it starts being read. The reading can be paused and resumed at your convenience and also can be skipped if the article turns out to be a boring one. Thus, UMANO is a highly customized app that helps you multi task and also helps you enhance your knowledge while you are going about your day.


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