Use This One Simple Trick to Noticeably Increase Android Battery Life

Use This One Simple Trick to Noticeably Increase Android Battery Life

Sorry to lure you in with a clickbait-y headline like that, but I have to tell you about this one cool trick.

I used this trick to save a surprising amount of battery life. And it’s stupidly easy for anyone to do.

Follow the steps below to find out how you can save an hour or more of battery life every day:

Step 1) Go to Settings > Location

2014-08-22 00.00.41

Step 2) Tap Mode

Step 3) Check the radial button beside Power saving

2014-08-22 00.00.35


You’re done!

Basically, Google always wants to give you the best location data, so they make sure your phone can access all the data it needs to pinpoint your location.

Most people, however, don’t need to know their location down to the nearest 3 meters. Most people are satisfied with location information that’s accurate to the nearest 5 meters – which is approximately what you get with Power saving mode.

Anyways, after activating power saving mode, you should notice a substantial improvement in battery life.

I can’t believe I’ve never done this trick before. It’s so stupidly simple, but also surprisingly effective.

The only way this tip wouldn’t save significant amounts of battery life is if you never left the house or never let apps access your location (something that most apps do on a constant basis anyway).

Did this tip work for you? How much battery life did you save? I noticed my battery life go way up after implementing this trick – especially if I was spending a lot of time outside the house.

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