Wickr – It Can Keep Secrets Better Than Your Friends

Wickr – It Can Keep Secrets Better Than Your Friends

Have you ever trusted someone so much that you were ready to tell them your deepest darkest secret? Have you been sure that they would take it to their grave? A lot of us have trust issues when it comes to sharing certain things with people and yet we feel the need to do so. It is only human to want to vent out to someone, be it something good or bad. There are not too many of us who can live without talking about certain things, ever.

Apart from that there are certain work related things as well that need to be communicated but confidentiality is of utmost importance. There are a lot of people trying to sabotage us at work, even if there aren’t any, one can never be too careful. To keep your secrets safe there is an app called Wickr which is a top secret messenger.

This app works on the internet but also saves our top secret stuff from the internet. It helps us escape the claws of the internet that can hold our information forever!

Here is a list of what Wickr does:

  • Top-Secret: Send and receive top-secret messages, pictures, videos, audios and files
  • Fun: Add graffiti, mustaches, top hats, black helicopters, cat masks and explosions and filter you photos
  • Own: Retain ownership of messages and media you share
  • Connect: Find others without uploading your contact book
  • Expiration Date: Select a time for your messages and media to expire
  • No Metadata: Delete geo-location and identifying information from media on the fly
  • Anonymous: Forget the phone booth. Do not worry about your conversations being tracked and monitored
  • Groups: Chat with groups of up to 10
  • Shredder: Clean your device completely of deleted files
  • Now: Start in sixty seconds. No personal information required or collected

There is also a wonderful list of what Wickr does not do:

  • Upload your contact book to our servers
  • Know anything about you or what you do with Wickr
  • Sell your personal information
  • Store your IP address or UDID
  • Own the messages and media you send via Wickr
  • Have a back door

The Wickr team is made up of security and privacy experts dedicated to building a strong social system around the world by providing private communications to everyone. Wickr is headquartered in San Francisco with offices in Newark, NJ and Chicago.

So if it work-related or private, Wickr is one app that will not let others sabotage your secrets even if you were wonderful enough to trust them and thought that they were worth sharing your secrets. This app will help you share your stuff and at the same time maintain a distance from everyone. It will also help you in finding out who all can be trusted and who cannot without paying any price (in the form of a leaked secret) for it. All you need to do is download Wickr and get your own private locker on the internet!

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