7 Reasons Every Android User Secretly Wishes They Had an iPhone

Android is the world’s best and most popular operating system. But let’s be honest: all of us really want an iPhone. Deep down, in your heart of hearts, you know you want an iPhone. Here are 7 reasons you need to be honest with yourself and just accept your secret desire for iOS, Steve Jobs, and everything about iPhone.

7) Your Parents and Non-Techy Friends Want to FaceTime You

Android has dozens of different ways to video chat with your friends. But what Android doesn’t have is FaceTime.

That means when your parents, grandma, or non-techy friends want to talk to you, they probably just give up and call. They’re not installing Skype or Hangouts. They want to FaceTime. And until you get an iPhone, you’re not going to see your parents’ pretty faces.

6) When You’re Low on Battery and Surrounded by People with Lightning Cables

“Hey, my phone’s dead. Can I borrow your charger for a moment? My phone has QuickCharge 2.0 so it only needs about 10 minutes to get to 40% battery from dead. “

“Oh, sure, here you go.” *hands you Lightning cable*

Micro-USB is the most popular charging system in the world. Try telling that to your iPhone-wielding friend when it’s midnight, you’re stuck at their house, and they only have Lightning cables.

5) They Get Cool Apps First

iPhone users spend more money on apps. That’s a simple fact. They don’t mind paying for apps. That’s why developers spend more time developing their apps for iOS first before releasing them on Android a few weeks, months, or years (or never) later.

4) Because You Probably Use a Mac, iTunes, Apple TV, and other Apple Services

One of the best things about Apple is that they’re smart: they don’t waste time developing services that work with non-Apple devices. That means your Android devices are virtually useless in a house filled with Apple devices.

3) Girls Will Ask Why Your Text Bubble Isn’t Green

“The text bubbles I get from you are weird. They’re all colored blue.”

Females, for whatever reason, are overwhelmingly Android users (in North America). If a girl hasn’t said the above line out loud, they’ve definitely thought it when they see your ugly blue iMessage window pop up.

If your iMessages aren’t green (which means they came from another iPhone), then that’s suspicious. It’s time to admit the inevitable and get an iPhone.

2) Because Rooting your Phone is an Overwhelming Amount of Freedom

One of the stupid things about Android is that you can root it, unlocking pretty much every byte of data on your phone – so you can change everything on your phone and use it to its full potential exactly how you like it.

That’s stupid. That’s too much freedom. Most Android users will agree that the safe, locked-down prison of iOS is far safer. You can do exactly what Apple wants you to do. Nothing more and nothing less. Why would you want anything more?

1) Because You Don’t Really Need All that Extra Money

From adapters to unique chargers to MacBooks to Apple TV….everything is significantly more expensive on iOS.

Do Android users really need that much extra money? What do you spend it on? Cool stuff like the Gear VR? ChromeCast dongles for your TV? I mean, why not spend a little more money on an iPhone – we all know you secretly want one.

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