Apple Fan Posts Scathing Review of iPhone 6 Plus Online

Apple Fan Posts Scathing Review of iPhone 6 Plus Online

A lot of people were impressed with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

But a large chunk of Apple users were disappointed by the low resolutions, subpar battery life, and screens that are “too large to use with one hand”.

Over the past few weeks, it’s been interesting to see how these fans react to the iPhone 6.

Mark Rogowsky of was one such fan. Mark has been a longtime iPhone user and, despite thinking of switching to Android numerous times over the past few years, Mark continued using the iPhone.

That’s why it’s interesting to read Mark’s review of the iPhone 6 Plus. As a longtime Apple user and tech analyst, Mark offers a unique inside look at how Apple may have turned away some of its core fans:

“I picked up an iPhone 6 Plus on Friday, expecting to fall in love”

Mark’s tragic tale begins with this ominous quote. Mark walked into that Apple Store with his expectations high. Although his first smartphone was an Android, Mark had switched to the iPhone long ago – even though he was disappointed by the 4-inch screen of the iPhone 5.

iphone 6 3

After years of using the iPhone 5, Mark grew resentful of his old friend, “eventually taking to calling it ‘puny.’ Lousy for typing, reading, gaming…Really everything – expect using the phone with one hand.”

“The 6 Plus is essentially unusable with one hand.”

Mark wrote his article after spending two days with the iPhone 6 Plus. He starts his review with a scathing comment: “For an average-sized individual, the 6 Plus is essentially unusable with one hand.”

If you’re reading a book or watching a video, the 6 Plus is manageable. But if you want to actually do anything else, then it’s extremely subpar.

iphone 6 2

And yes, Mark uses the iPhone 6 Plus’s new “reachability” system, where double-tapping the home button slides the top of the screen down to the middle of the screen. Here’s how he describes his experience with that system:

“To press the Home button, you need to be holding the phone on the lower portion, but once you reach for it, the upper half causes a lever effect and tends to tilt away from you. While I haven’t dropped the phone yet, it’s hard to imagine spending two years performing such a delicate balancing act.”

“Two-handed use is mostly uneventful”

Of course, all the problems with the iPhone 6 Plus so far revolve around using it one-handed. If you’re using it with two hands, then these problems are non-issues and, as Mark explains, “two-handed use is mostly uneventful.”

Still, in comparison to the iPhone 6, Mark finds the iPhone 6 Plus much more difficult to use.

“You know it’s in your pocket”

Mark stated that he never had trouble carrying his phone in his shorts or pants. However, it “makes its presence known” in a way that the iPhone 5 and 5S rarely did. Obviously, the 6 Plus is the largest iPhone ever. It’s also 2 ounces heavier than the previous generation.

While Mark didn’t have trouble fitting the phone in his pockets, he suspects other people will have trouble fitting it in their own pockets.

“This is worse than I imagined it would be”

Mark owns a Galaxy S5, an iPhone 6 Plus, and an iPhone 6. He admits that the Galaxy S5 has the best smartphone screen he’s ever seen, although the high-resolution display of the 6 Plus comes close. Still, since the phone is unusable with a single hand, it’s difficult to recommend. Mark sums up his review with:

“I wanted very much to love the iPhone 6 Plus, but barring a change of heart, I think it’s going back to Apple. The fault lies both in the phablet, and in myself.”

iphone 6 2

Of course, if you decide to buy the iPhone 6 instead – which is easier to use with one hand – then you’re getting severe battery life problems, low resolutions, and 2012-level specifications. So pick your poison.

Ultimately, as a “5-foot-10” “right-hand dominance” adult male, Mark expressed complete disappointment with the iPhone 6 Plus. You can read his full review of the 6 Plus here.

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