New Leak Suggests Haptic Feedback Could Be Killer Feature on iPhone 6

New Leak Suggests Haptic Feedback Could Be Killer Feature on iPhone 6

Would you switch to Apple for haptic feedback?

Probably not. Haptic feedback, for those who don’t know, is the vibration feedback you feel when using video game controllers.

Some Android phones already have haptic feedback and will gently vibrate with every key press. Samsung Galaxy S devices, for example, have haptic feedback enabled right out of the box, although most users choose to disable the feature.

In any case, the latest rumors from Apple-land state that the iPhone 6 will have a new case design and utilize a state-of-the-art haptic feedback system.

iphone 6 4

Haptic feedback with different vibration settings

Those rumors come from a Chinese website called Laoyaoba which states that the iPhone 6 will use haptic feedback as its “secret weapon”.

The haptic feedback system will also emit a range of different vibrations. If you touch one part of the screen, you’ll feel one type of vibration. If you touch another part of the screen, you’ll feel another type of vibration.

Applications will also reportedly be able to access the haptic feedback system, which should make gaming more enjoyable.

New case designs

Another iPhone 6 rumor broke this week as well. A luxury Russian iPhone case manufacturer has reportedly received prototype designs of the iPhone 6’s case.

Those prototype designs look like this:

iphone 6 2

Rumor “experts” are saying this case could be legitimate due to its complex designs and intricate detailing – something typically missing from other iPhone 6 rumors.

The case appears to be made entirely of metal. At the same time the case above was leaked, another source leaked two new images with MacRumors.

Those two images show a dark grey, or black, iPhone prototype case. It’s very similar to the case above and the Apple logo has once again been cut out.

iphone 6

The cut-out Apple logo is interesting. Some people say it’s to improve the iPhone’s reception. Cutting an Apple-sized hole out of the metal body will give the antenna one more way to connect with the outside world.

Others are saying that Apple has something special planned for the logo, or simply wants to make it light up like it does on the MacBook Pro.

These rumors have added onto the news that the iPhone 6 could have a sapphire display.

As with all iPhone rumor stories, some of this will come true and some of it will be forgotten. I can see the iPhone 6 having a haptic feedback system, although I can’t see that being a heavily-advertised “killer feature”.

What will Android’s next biggest competitor look like? We’ll have to wait until September 2014 to (officially) find out.

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