5 reasons to switch from iOS to Android

5 reasons to switch from iOS to Android

In the words of writer Patrick O’Rourke, “every time a new iPhone is announced, I’m always slightly disappointed with the human race.”

With the announcement of the new iPhone 5, Apple users are once again flocking to the Apple website to preorder the latest device, despite the minimal improvements that have been made.


Unfortunately for Apple, many users have already realized that the iPhone is no longer the best smartphone on the planet, and Android devices are outselling iPhones around the world.

Top-of-the-line Android devices are available at a lower price than the iPhone, yet they pack nearly twice the performance power. Along with those benefits, here are a few other reasons why smartphone and tablet users are switching from iOS to Android.

5) Desktop widgets

Android has desktop widgets, and iOS does not.

Android has desktop widgets, and iOS does not. Desktop widgets allow Android users to instantly see information about the weather, messages, news, or anything else going on in the world. But here’s the most important part: Android’s desktop widgets are interactive. Users don’t have to navigate to an app tile and open the app in order to use its primary features. Instead, your most-used apps are on the desktop ready to be enjoyed.

4) Google is already part of your life

Google is basically the king of the online world – or at least it’s trying to be. From Gmail to Google Drive to the basic Google search engine, you probably use at least one Google service on a daily basis. Android makes Google integration a key goal, which means you don’t have to mess around with your Apple account or deal with annoying integration issues. If you use Google, the Android experience is as seamless as possible.

3) Customization

If you want to download and install a Pokemon Pokecentre healing noise as your ring tone, you can do that with Android. Unfortunately, iOS is the most restrictive mobile operating system in the world when it comes to customization. Users can basically change their wallpaper and tile placement, and aside from those two factors, your iPhone looks identical to your friend’s iPhone.

Put simply, if you want customization and personality on your phone, then you’ll want to choose Android.

2) Better apps

Apple’s online store has more apps than Android. There’s no arguing that. However, in terms of quality, selection, and even price, Android apps are superior. Users can install apps that Apple would never allow, like emulators of old video game consoles, including NES emulators. Emulators for the original PlayStation may also be in the works.

Of course, this opinion is more subjective than the other Android advantages we’ve listed here, so take it with a grain of salt. Some people like the apps featured in the Apple store, while others prefer the Android app marketplaces.

1) Android rooting is better than iPhone jailbreaking

 Android rooting is better than iPhone jailbreaking

Android rooting gives users access to the deepest levels, the ‘root’, of their smartphones or tablets. Since Android is open-source, it’s easier to give users full contrl over their systems. Once rooted, Android users can install custom ROMs, apps, and all sorts of other cool devices that maximize the potential of their devices. All Android smartphones and tablets can be rooted using One Click Root software.

iPhone jailbreaking, on the other hand, isn’t as functional. It allows users to have more freedom than they would with vanilla iOS, although they’re still limited in terms of choice and selection. Jailbreaking is essentially just one type of custom ROM, and as powerful as it may be, it’s the only option Apple users have if they want to break free of the chains of the iOS software.

For all of these reasons, Android devices are becoming a popular option for people around the world. Visit our blog daily for regular updates on everything going on in the world of Android and Android rooting.

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