5 Things Android Fans Secretly Hate About Android

5 Things Android Fans Secretly Hate About Android

Let’s admit it: Android isn’t perfect. There are plenty of things to hate about Android.

Unfortunately, just like Winston Churchill said about democracy, Android is the worst mobile OS except for all the others.

Yes, we’re stuck with Android. But that doesn’t mean it’s free from criticism. Here are 5 things Android fans secretly hate about Android:

1) Slow Updates

This one’s easy. One of the most annoying problems is the length of time between hearing about cool updates and actually receiving those updates on your phone. Unless you have a rooted Android or a Pixel/Nexus, you’re probably waiting around 6 months for the latest Android updates to arrive on your phone.

Apple, on the other hand, will announce an update and then release that update to iPhones before the end of the month. That makes Android users jealous – but not jealous enough to switch to iOS.

2) Bloatware

We don’t need to spend much time talking about bloatware. It’s annoying. It comes pre-loaded onto your phone. You can’t totally remove bloatware from your phone. It’s part of the reason your 32GB phone only comes with 20GB of usable space.

3) The Play Store is Annoying

One of the cool things about the iOS app store is that each app is individually approved by Apple. The Google Play Store has its own multi-layered security system, but apps aren’t individually approved by a human employee.

This opens the Play Store to some annoying problems – like spammy apps and malware apps.

But the real annoying thing with the Play Store is that the search function often makes it difficult to find the app you’re looking for. Looking for a popular app? Here are 25 apps that look like the app you want – but are actually just spam apps.

4) Performance Problems Due to Poor Optimization for All Androids

Androids slow down over time. Eventually, after 2 years of ownership, your phone is going to encounter some problems. You’re going to notice apps loading more slowly, pages not displaying correctly, and other annoying issues.

Some of these are related to compatibility problems –old resolutions may not be supported, for example.

Most issues, however, can be traced back to poor optimization. There are thousands of Android configurations out there, and it’s impossible for developers to test everything. This leads to some compatibility issues, crashes, slowdowns, and other annoying problems.

5) Google Likes Its User Data

Using an Android without using Google apps is certainly possible – but it’s difficult. Google likes its user data, and it relies on user data to make billions of dollars per year. It uses your data to deliver better ads to you, which helps Google make more money.

Whether you’re using Chrome for Android or you’re searching for stuff on Maps, Google collects an alarming amount of data through Android.

I’m not a stickler for privacy. I don’t mind companies using basic data to deliver ads for stuff I’m actually interested in. However, I’d be lying if Android’s data collection made me feel good 100% of the time.

Fortunately, Rooting Can Eliminate Most of These Problems

One easy way to counter everything on this list is this:

Android is the greatest mobile OS because you can root to eliminate most of the above problems.

It’s true! From bloatware to slow updates, rooting alleviates serious problems with Android. You can root your phone and install the latest update, for example, then immediately uninstall al bloatware and unwanted apps. You can make your phone totally yours ­– and that’s one reason why Android continues to be the worst mobile OS (except for all the others).

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