Blackberry Messenger Could Be on Android and iPhone in the Near Future

Blackberry Messenger Could Be on Android and iPhone in the Near Future

I have a confession to make: I was a Blackberry user for many years. Eventually, I saw the light and switched to Android. But one of the biggest challenges I had when making the switch was getting rid of Blackberry Messenger.

No, the Blackberry operating system isn’t perfect. But Blackberry Messenger revolutionized the way people talked between phones. Blackberry users could send messages to other Blackberry users for free through BBM, and BBM was the first to include innovative features like message delivery/read notifications.

From easy group chats to read message notifications, there is plenty to like about Blackberry Messenger. And fortunately for everybody, Android and iOS could be getting BBM functionality in the very near future. That’s right: you might soon be able to message Blackberry contacts on a non-Blackberry device.

Corporate Blackberry email now enabled on iPhones and Androids

Where is this BBM speculation coming from? Well, RIM recently told clients that the company would enable corporate Blackberry emails on iPhones and Android devices. And following that announcement, it’s expected that RIM could announce the arrival of other proprietary features – like BBM – in the near future.

Why would RIM do this?

Blackberry Messenger for iphone & android

BBM is a major selling feature for Blackberry devices. Wouldn’t RIM be shooting itself in the foot by offering BBM functionality to any chump who owns an Android or iPhone? Well, there is a method to RIM’s apparent madness.

The Blackberry 10 operating system launched on January 30, 2013. And since that point, RIM has been looking to improve the image of its brand and win back some Android and iPhone users it has lost over the last few years – like me. BBM for Android and BBM for iOS are two ways to do that.

Consumers who just upgraded to a new Android or iPhone might not want to buy a Blackberry right now. But when they’re looking for a new phone a year or two down the road, they might think of their BBM app and consider buying a Blackberry this time around.

That might be RIM’s strategy, or it could be something completely different. But with Blackberry 10 changing the face of the company, BBM for iPhone and Android could be a winning gesture for RIM in the eyes of smartphone users.

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