Cook a Perfect Meal Using a new Android-Powered Oven

Cook a Perfect Meal Using a new Android-Powered Oven

CES is one of the most entertaining weeks for the world of technology. At CES, manufacturers unveil a number of new devices both big and small. We’ve already revealed one big CES announcement – the Nvidia Project Shield Android gaming device – but here’s another, more bizarre one: the Android-powered Dacor Discovery Wall Oven.

What?! That’s right – you can now cook your food to be more perfect than ever before. The oven doesn’t have its own operating system installed, per se, but it does use a built-in 7-inch Android tablet to control its most important settings. Users can interact with the oven using that touchscreen tablet, or they can install the app onto another mobile device and play around with their oven while walking around the house.

How does it work?


The oven is built into the wall and uses the Discovery IQ Controller as a tablet. The Discovery IQ Controller is pretty paltry in terms of technical specifications – it includes just a single-core 1GHz CPU and an 800×400 resolution display. But fortunately, since the tablet’s only real job is to run a cooking app, you don’t need a lot of power in order for it to work.

That cooking app could revolutionize the way amateur chefs approach meals. The app eliminates all of the guesswork involved with cooking any dish. If you’re cooking a roasted chicken, for example, you just place the chicken in the oven, choose the recipe you want to make, and then enter the weight of the chicken and wait for the oven to finish its job.

Once the roast chicken – or whatever other dish you want to make – is done cooking, users are notified via text message or standard Android notification. And if you’re puttering around the house while waiting for the oven to finish, the Dacor Discovery Wall Oven is even kind enough to enter ‘warming mode’ to keep your dishes warm and ready to serve.

Why would I ever need this?

Cook a Perfect Meal

Sure, you might dismiss the Dacor Discovery Wall Oven as a frivolous expense reserved for the super-wealthy. And it probably is. But a decade or two from now, computer-powered ovens might be the norm. In which case the Dacor Discovery Wall Oven is paving the way

It’s not hard to see why this oven would be useful. Let’s say you’re looking up cooking recipes online on your smartphone. You pick one you like and realize you need to pre-heat the oven. But you’re two rooms away from the kitchen and you’ll waste valuable seconds of your life walking over there! What’s the solution? Preheat the oven using your app and then smile smugly at how far technology has come.

How much will it cost?

Cook a Perfect Meal

Up to this point, you’ve probably been pretty excited but for one issue – how much does the Dacor Discovery Wall Oven cost? Well, sorry to burst your bubble, amateur-chefs-who-own-Android-devices. The Discovery Wall Oven will cost $4,499 for a small 30” single wall oven and $7,499 for a double wall oven.

It’s clearly a luxury appliance, but you have to admit it’s pretty freaking cool.

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