2 Adventure Games To Keep You Glued To Your Android For Hours

2 Adventure Games To Keep You Glued To Your Android For Hours

From the consortium of games with uber cool graphics and adrenaline-pumping game music that are a part of the Android platform, picking the perfect games for the right time can be quite a task. But someone’s always got to find a good way to wile away free time every once in a while, and for your convenience we have wiled away ours to bring you a couple of fun-filled and super-addictive games that will keep your glued to your Android’s screen for hours.

Here are the 2 Android games we are talking about that may possibly become the top the list of “Recently Used” applications on your Android device as soon as you download them.

Jimmy Pataya

Jimmy Pataya

Jimmy Pataya is a relatively undiscovered app on the Android platform.

The objective is simple. You go to Pataya. You want to have fun. You sky dive.

And that’s exactly what you do in this game by playing as your character Jimmy.

The game starts off with you (Jimmy) falling downwards parallel to the ground from the skies. While you fall, you will come across planks of wood that you must actively avoid hitting to land safely.

You do that by moving only the bottom of your phone imagining the centre of the phone is at a fixed spot and Jimmy moves his position accordingly. Here’s how:

You can train your ninja reflexes as you feel you’re actually falling with Jimmy and are so indulged into the game that you move your body too.

The tilting controls on the game are super smooth and highly responsive. The gameplay and the interface are designed to be extremely fast and the 3D graphics suck you into the game as though you were flying in the clouds yourself.

On the way you can pick up the helmet, which will help you to crash right through the blades without losing a life. You could also collect stars in the way to raise your score.

The rocket booster is the best collectible in the game that triples your score and your speed AND gives you an extra helmet along with that.

The best part is that Jimmy Pataya is absolutely free of cost. Go download this undiscovered game today!

Doodle Jump

Doodle Jump android

Presenting to you Doodle Jump – the coolest game in the Android app market and the most efficient time-killer of all. Be warned this game is extremely addictive.

The Doodle in Doodle jump is set on a platform where wooden planks are scattered vertically over the screen. You are required to jump by swiping your hand vertically as the screen moves upward.

The objective is to keep moving upwards till you reach the end.

The challenge is to avoid the black holes and the UFO’s with the scary monsters while you collect the power ups like jet packs, propeller hats, rockets, trampolines etc.

Some platforms that you jump on are wooden and break through; they break and disappear, shift and move all to make your game more challenging and exciting.

You can also play through a host of wonderfully designed worlds like:Doodle Jump

  • Soccer
  • Space
  • Underwater
  • Jungle
  • NINJA!!
  • Halloween
  • Snow
  • Ice
  • Easter

There is also a Doodle Jump global leader board that gets you to compete with doodle jumpers across the world.

Doodle Jump a cultural shift in the way we use our Android device for its combination of engaging gameplay and simplicity in design.

In fact it has even made an appearance in famous TV shows and movies such as The Big Bang Theory and Battleship.

With a great rating of 4.5 stars, Doodle Jump is one of the hottest games in the market and offers endless replay vale. Go for it!

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