2 Android Apps to Help You Discover & Organize Your Favorite Music

2 Android Apps to Help You Discover & Organize Your Favorite Music

Bandhook – Discover New Music

For the crazy music lover that is inside you Bandhook is the perfect Android destination for everything you want to know about the world of “DO re ME fa SO la TI do”. We all love it and find solace in it as and when we need to…in good times or bad. It may be thought our playlists or through the radio but an integral part of our lives indeed and in the light of that, and in the spirit of rediscovering all new music either form the past or present, then here’s Bandhook for you music aficionados.

bandhook 1Designed to be an intuitive, extended version of your playlist, Bandhook offers so much more than just playing songs for you.

The Bandhook app is like a dictionary of all the kinds of music that exists in the world. This includes not only the simple references to genres and artists but a lot more.

As a compendium of large amount of music the app has hundreds of genres of music ranging from grunge rock, Blues and Jazz, Rhythm and blues, Pop, House, Black Metal etc.

Ahead of that, the Bandhook Android app gives you a huge list of artists all that fall under these different categories and you can choose from all of these depending on what you like.

Users of the Bandhook app not only have a reference tool for their stored music, but also a cutting-edge guide that will keep your refreshing your playlists with hot new tracks.

This happens as a consequence of the snippets of music that the Bandhook app provides. In that sense, you have a 30 second preview on each song before you are asked to purchase the full version of it on the store.

This includes giving you details information on the different kinds of albums that have been produced by the artist.

bandhook 2The interface of the map is designed to please every music lover in the house.

The artists and the album art have all been constructed to show up as thumbnails of the artists and album covers from they’re famous most album.

Once you click in on any of them you get a detailed list of what all the band has done, they’re history, the awards, the discography, The images, videos, related etc.

As said by the developers the app looks best on 7” to 10” screens as the design is created to be as such.

You can also set the favourites that you like and then they can be viewed in separate.

In order to make sure that you get the best music experience, you can also check out the recommended list from the makers of the app and curators of the best music in the world.

The app also provides for page jumps in the form of hyperlinks where you can navigate from getting off the main page to other locations.

For example – on the page of Coldplay, you will receive a hyper link to Chris Martin, Alternate Rock, Paradise, Yellow, etc.

Although the Bandhook app hasn’t been used and exploited as much as a consequence of that the android average rating is about 4.1 stars. SO go ahead, use it, experience the feel of good music and discover yourself.

Double Twist Music Player

Here’s an app that made it to Mashable’s top 10 from 2013 apps list and quite deservingly so. With music being an integral part of our lives, the app seamlessly comes across as one of the rare music apps that has been designed and developed by music lovers for music lovers. The interface is incredibly slick, well-structured and easy to navigate around. The imperial blue color tone is nothing but exquisite and classy, and all packed to give you a super Android experience for all the fans and fanatics of the world of music alike.

The pixels on the design are fine and good attention to detail in the look of the Double Twist Music Player app has been given.double twist 1

The music library has the world of artist bios and photos for you to scroll through that are self-added too.

The multi-select design on the Double Twist Music Player app allows you to easily select and add in the music you want and delete it too. You can create batches and create specific music too.

The 5 band graphic equalizer will help you set in better music sounds for yourself too.

You can even control the music directly from the lock screen.

The syncing options too are great where you can sync all the playlists from iTunes or windows media player on your PC and Air Sync over Wi-Fi networks

The Double Twist Music Player app also has a comprehensive podcast directory with category browsing from Comedy to Talk Radio.

Further, you can also subscribe to podcasts and get new episodes downloaded automatically (3G/4G or Wi-Fi).double twist 2

You can also air sync the Double Twist Music Player app to external players and play music through speakers and the TV, Radios and other big players independent of your screen. Another great feature about the app is the Magic Radio.

This is a comprehensive radio within the app that you can use to discover new music and create playlists.

The Magic Radio personalized streaming service mixes songs from your music library with new music uniquely tailored to your musical taste. How uniquely tailored are we talking about here? Try over 13 million songs from thousands of genres all across the world! Pretty cool isn’t it?

You can go father and even Launch Magic Radio stations directly from your music library while browsing your music by Artist, Album, Song or Playlist anywhere in your list of music on your Android device.

The genres of Magic radio are immense and you will get tired discovering so many new lists of music but the lists on the apps still won’t end.

The Double Twist Music Player app fully supports your Bluetooth so that you can easily play music through the car and deck outside. Along with playing music in the forms of MP3, AAC, FLAC, M4A, MP4 and more, you can also use the smart shuffle feature on the app.

All in all, it is a comprehensive music tool for all the music lovers in the house with easily controllable widgets.

The Double Twist Music Player app has a 4.5 star average rating on Android and over 85,000 users alone have rated the app above 5 stars. Surprisingly, this excellent music player is available for free download on Google Play Store, and with so many features going for it, it certainly seems like the best bargain for audiophiles.

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